Dec 8, 2001
To help promote the shirts and give back to the community, we thought it would be a nice idea to hold a variety of different contests and promotions in various forums to give t-shirts away to our members prior to their "official" release.

For the Music Forum, the staff decided upon an obvious choice, a Lyrics Contest. Producers, we havent forgot about you. Next go around we will try and have you guys included as well.

The Contest:

A Lyrics contest...

We dont want your recycled rhymes so the subject will be guess what?.NIKETALK! Come up with your best 16 and the winner will win a brand new professionally made, top o the line, 2nd edition Niketalk T-Shirt. Decision of the winning entry will be made by the NT Staff.

The Rules:

The grand-prize of NT, I be changin' the game
To all the haters, the only thing you changin' is lanes
The moderators, I bet they get driven insane
They have passion for the 'talk, thats why they remain
Personally, I've been here since 2 thousand and 1 (check the name)
About the same time Dre dropped 2 thousand and 1 (word to GAME)
I went from SLAM Magazine , to checkin' posts from EKIN
The Cool Gray 11's messed up everyone's weekend
A real picture of the 17's? Man, everyone's freakin'
The heads at NIKE mad 'cause their photos were leakin'
And then one day, the site flipped like Abra-Cadabra
But not to worry, saved were all the accolades to Jessica Alba
I'm a CHI representer, a Bulls, Bears, and Cubs fan
A lot of conflicts in the Sports Forum, but its all love man
Regardless of your background, we must display the unity
And give props to the Ultimate Online - Sneaker Community

A huge disqualifier in this contest was the failure to abide by the 3 rules; #1- about NikeTalk, #2- 16 bars, #3- no cursing/edited cursing/flaming (just like our rules for NikeTalk state).

Every entry was pretty much about NikeTalk, so that wasn't a problem.

But those entries that contained profanity/partially edited profanity were looked over.

Those entries that were more/less than 16 bars were looked over.
I'm not much of an MC, but it sounds like a dope idea...can we get a pic of the shirt??
I'm tryin' to get this t-shirt, for free
I'm rappin' in the Music Forum, on NT
Ain't no good at PS, so I can't take shots at Dirty
And there's no S&T contest; that's way dirty

Y'all better come quick, calling all cars
KLJ's about to become... an instant star
I'm white, but I'm nice; don't get it twisted
Get familiar, get acquainted, because the dude is real gifted

I'm not kiddin', I'm not Jason
This is not a joke
I am not a mason
I do not blow smoke

A chours is for suckers
I'll keep it moving with this ruckus
Don't want to see me at the Rucker
You'll pull a quick Chris Tucker ("DAAAMN!")

Mods, let me know where to e-mail my shipping address; thank you.
whywesteppin 23ska909red02 KingLouisXIV DS 530s Finest sir hendrix Rexanglorum Kiddin Like Jason
I'm bout to go in on ya'll dudes...
Oh yeah, whoever said money don't buy class must have never had to pay tuition.

Andre Woodson For President​
ill come back and murder this @#%$ in a bit i have to go to class right now
It's GEN-e-ric, GEN-E-RIC ! ! !​
Mods, let me know where to e-mail my shipping address; thank you.
silly threads; that's rule three.
Thankfully, that really hasn't happened yet to me.
I don't start a lot of threads, that means i'm not e-famous
But nt doesn't think that i'm a flaming ignoramus

I'll leave it up to you to learn the rest of the code
Like search topic, posting pictures, keeping out of beast mode
Your new favorite rapper will be jay-z or budden
But your days will be a lot more fun all of a sudden

edit: had to fix the quote code
hail to the victors, baby.myspacelast.fmflickr
Freebie? I'm in on this!
***I'm as hood as a hoopty, keep it gangsta in Gucci, put your girl in some Pucci, she'll let me play in her coochie!***
KLJ :pimp:
antone smith , greg carr , preston parker ,andre fluellen ,tony carter,letroy guion , everette brown , paul griffin , geno hayes , myron rolle , marcus ball​
In the streets, i do it real big like ninjahood
the way nt'ers front, you'd think they all was in the hood
No mod, but on the board im extra good
Got a couple of em' doin some wild stuff you never could ( females obviously :lol:
Sneaker knowledge, you dont wanna test the man
I Leave you wit a whole damn essay like method man
Seen some DUMB dudes fall for the PYP traps
They prolly give some head for this T-shirt... oh snaps
W.D.Y.W today just aint what it used to be
Seen My dude ben shut it down with the jewelery
Alotta lame users play cool, im cooler b
Post a ugly pic, be prepared for the foolery
I swear the jordan forum fell off worst than penny
& i swear this board is jokes after a cup of henny
Several years in and we done past every test
Cant take the heat homey then transfer to ISS

HeNz $
I tried encorporating as many forums as possible...I could write novel's about the S&T/General/Music forums :lol:

Writin for NT, puttin in some work/
Cause the NT edition is better than the wolf shirt/
In the WDYWT you better be lookin fresh/
or your face will end up on another PS/
Nike Jordan and Retro forums good for your inner sneakerhead/
But I always end up clickin on the 'girl help' threads/
Go to S&T to see what other members were replyin to me/
while I'm searchin through the new outrageous threads about Kobe/
I'm checkin out the general forum, when/
Another post pops up about Kim Kardashian/
Click over to music, discussion over my head/
Because everyone still askin if hip hop is dead/
See someone doing a bid for sharin a file/
Next month is like waitin forever on the Green Mile/
So here's my entry NT, the perfect place for kicks/
And before you, I don't have pics!

edit: KLJ you almost had me spittin out my water in the middle of my accounting class :rofl:

Vikings | Sabres | Timberwolves | Bills​
Taylor-Jackson-Peterson-Williams-Hutchinson | Miller-Vanek-Campbell-Connolly-Roy | Jefferson-Foye-McCants-Brewer-Smith | Everett-Evans-Losman-Lynch-Moorman​
I'll be in this when I get some time to write. :pimp:

"The story that just begun/ The promise of what's to come/ And I'm 'a remain a soldier till the war is won."

The boy James is about to go in//
first I lurk in the shadows....then I just strike like Holden//
navigate through the board with no maps//
stay with two chicks like Goldenarmz, bet they 8's--but I ain't OhSnaps//
cuz the boy don't gun for IIIs//
I just stunt with ease, and run the track, like MisterP//
Nigeria's in here, shouts to Ravage//
I'm a savage, and the rims on the truck bigger than the wheels on a carriage//
damn, I'm killing 'em out there, ya herd(heard), like cattle//
Cam's :lol:
like Domski, but ain't a damn thing funny//
I just Seymore CAKE :wow:
with greed//
never concede defeat, nothing's cooked about me, I'm just Raw like Sheed//
NT, you can see that I'm a menace in the booth//
and I'm not giving you girl advice when I GetBusy like Truth//
Black James is not a simp, like The Joker//
'cause when it comes to the baddest QUEEN in the DECK, I'm winning the BET, 'cause I play my CARDS right..
that's why I POKER(poke her)//
all in all, I'm not looking for praises, or intend for anyone's feelings to be hurt//
just understand my Method, Man :lol:
Mods, let me know where to e-mail my shipping address; thank you.
"I told you last year that if I die and I can't go to heaven, then they can take my body back to Georgetown. Well, I'm here to tell you that I ain't dead yet."
I see someone was listening to G.o.D Jewels How To Rap huh? :lol:
This Is The Part...
When People Start Screamin!
Keystyles just don't do it for me, should be audio ONLY. Buh eh... maybe that's just me. Let me grab my popcorn and prepare for the ridiculousness that we are about to witness...
Team Logic
When I was a child, I thought as a child, but now is the time for logic.
Except in the music forum. There? ANYTHING goes!!! - 2TMF2
You trying to sign to my label??? I think you coulg be the next big thing....Im thinking of a mix between Jay-Z and Joe Buck....LEMME KNOW!!!!
whywesteppin 23ska909red02 KingLouisXIV DS 530s Finest sir hendrix Rexanglorum Kiddin Like Jason
should be audio ONLY
floodin the scene/
so I cut to the Jordan set; (What happened to the jordan brand forum??) smh, I know what you mean/

take a trip to the Sneaker Showcase and check out my heat/
only 7 years oldgoin on 23 next week/
welcome to sneaker heaven(quick, hurry up, run *slick rick*)follow the light/
2500 posts in 6 months? Damn, I need to get a life

-Fed Town Featherweights (5-2)-
-Puget Sound Crab People (6-1)-
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