Music in the Post- Napster Era Appreciation

Joined Nov 5, 2007
I feel we are taking for granted the era we live in. Look how much amazing art we get to listen to and experience. So many artists I would have never gave a chance because I wanted to save that $15. I don't know why I'm making this post really but I just know Napster really changed the game. Some could say for the worst and I can easily see their points but I say in the big picture it was for the better. Thank you Napster 
Joined Sep 22, 2009
I appreciate it, but then again I don't. 
Obviously it's great for exposure, but the quality of music is too dependent on the business aspect of things. Music is completely over-saturated right now. Artists are putting out 2-3 mixtapes a year...usually mediocre. Most music seems forced/gimmicky right now. I'd say '03-'06 was the best time for music "post-napster". 
Joined Jan 8, 2006
Hell yeah it's appreciated. I know there's the cons about it but without it I wouldn't know a majority of the music I have.
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