My 4th attempt at Customs: My version of PURE$ III

Mar 28, 2004
Was harder than I expected, since I'm no "pro" at this.

But I wanted to add some "life" to these plain shoes:




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very nice. Great job. I like those better than the pures. Cement is a little off maybe, but everyones is different.
put it this way, the first look i had at them, i got pissed off you ruined cements - nice job
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if only the cement was a lil nicer

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that is really nice. ill keep mine OG when they drop but did you consider dying the laces to make em darker to match? would be pretty ill
I'm sure your not the only one that will customize the pure moneys....but i like those better than the actual ones releasing
They would've been so much hotter if the release version was your customs. Nice job
illest customs i ever seen. they look like just another colorway that realeased. maybe u can egay them for a million dollars.
if the laces were as dark as the print they'd be 20x's better than they are

Great Job!
Yea maybe you should put them on ebay and let ppl bid on them, because those are hot. Very good customs. I would mind wearing those one day..
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