My air conditioning broke... tips on how to stay cool?

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I live right in the middle of miami where its always 90 degrees, full of humidity, and raining

Its freaking hot, any tips on how to stay cool in the meantime? 
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When it cools off at night, open the place up as much as you can. Before the sun beats down the next day, close up and close the blinds/shades, etc to trap the cool air in as much as possible.

Otherwise, leave. Go to a bar or something.

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Wet your wrists under ice cold water for 30 seconds, that will help lower your body temperature. Wet your shirt and sit near/under a fan. Drink lots of very cold water. Fan with a bowl of ice cubes in front of it.
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Go to your local high school, and volunteer your house as a location for the flag team practices.  The cool breeze from the flags slicing the air well significantly drop the temperature.
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Open all your windows(not just 1)...or crack them open if its raining, and place a fan somewhere in your room to ensure proper ventilation.

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