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Joined Jul 29, 2001
^^^ The rap music, sure. When you're hanging your hat on Blue Scholars and Common Market, you know you're in trouble.
Joined Jun 8, 2005
yea rap music sucks around here but i voted like 100000000000000000000000000 times
Team Pacific Northwest​
Joined Aug 3, 2001
Nema sucks, but UA is not bad. Grynch is nice, and so Initial formerly of UA and now keeping company with Joe Budden is dope. It appears you guys might be too young to remember Seattle when it had many dope artists.
Team Pacific Northwest​
Joined Jan 12, 2003
Quote:[hr][/hr]our uderground rap is good.[hr][/hr]
ya right. Nothing but extremely loud beats and wack lyrics(if you can even understand them). Just because your not talking about killing and clubbing doesn't make your lyrics hot. About 90% of the artist in Seattle are wack that fall in the hip-hop genre. At least our DJ's don't suck (Ie. Topspin, Scene)
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