my cavity just broke open. (PIC)

Joined Sep 9, 2004
i used to smoke speed about 10 or 11 yrs ago. i did for about 3 years. started right when i hit 20 and stopped right after i turned 23. during that time used to do coke too. not necessarily enjoying the high but more enjoying the taste of it. i used to rub tons of it on my gums and teeth. quit doing that right about the same time i quit everything else.

10 - 11 years later, clean.
i'm missing 5 teeth and my tooth decay is unbelievably rapid. i have almost no enamel left. my teeth have always been perfectly straight. no braces or anything like that, but even as a kid i was cavity prone. that along with drug use leaves me where i stand today.

don't do drugs kids.
Joined Sep 9, 2004
i've go another one on the side of one of my teeth on the upper rack that has been there for over a year. its not even close to being this bad.

this one chipped in the middle about a month or so ago. i've never had one go so bad so quick.

this will be #6. the top one will probably eventually be #7.

fillings never work because the enamel wears away and fillings ALWAYS falls out. always has. even when i was younger and had never touched the bad stuff.
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doesn't hurt actually. not yet anyway. it will though. i have this crazy amount of tolerance for mouth pain.

ice cream was eaten a couple days ago and no problem. cold water right now, still no problem.
but i know that will all change in the coming weeks. or days.
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Damn n I thought I was the only one...same exact thing happened to my cavity (except ive never done any drugs) when I was watching transformers n munching on popcorn, I guess I chomped down on a kernel n a piece of my tooth broke off. It looked exactly like ur tooth did, 2nd tooth from the back also. Got it fixed tho.
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On a very loosely related note,  some guy tried to sell me Cristal meth yesterday

At first he asked if I wanted Cristal, so I was like yea I'll buy it if the bottle isn't broken.  He says "I don't have a bottle, and its just .2 .  I'm talking about crystal meth"
I do the Tracy Morgan back-up out of there, except I was in my car so it was easier


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not surprise of he outcome i had the same %%%! on my teeth about couple years ago on my teeth looks excatly like that it so nasty when i look @ it i need to go to the dentist i ate to much candy when i was a lil kid smh.. glad the pain is gone
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