My collection of 8 months..17 years old

Sep 21, 2002
This is my collection of 8 17..sorry if you guys dont like the pics...jus lemme know what you guys think...thanks

how did you get 4000+ posts and only have a collection 8 months old

but neway nice collection diggin the XI's :pimp:

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Nice OG CB34's, got those. And those white/red dunk highs are super nice, I had em but outgrew em.
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you have a nice collection for a shoe dont matter how old you are...i hate that...good stuff though
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^^well ive been around sneakers basically my whole life cause of my brothers..i remember having laney 5's, and cement 4' i actually know quite a bit
nice collection
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nice collection
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lovin those cb34's!
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I really love both pairs of CB's.
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