My Collection With Pics Finally

Apr 9, 2007
Yeah so I'm only 14 years old and have been collecting since the release of the Military IV release last year. Not too special but yeah I like em. There were other shoes that I felt werent important so I left them out of the pictures. ENJOY.
Old Love 1

New Love 1

Alpha 1

Pure Money 3

Black Cat 3

Military 4 (My first pair of Jordans :D)

Aqua 8

Peapod 8

Silver/Zest 11 Low

Air Force 1 Limited Edition Collection Royale LeBron James

Air Force 1 Players Edition

LeBron 4

All My Boxes
Sneakers are meant to be worn not stored.
get out while you still can shorty.....this game don't love u back. :smh:
team platano/BLACKMARKET
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T R A N S F O R M E R S​
nice start for a year old collection

.:GT- PacmanVick:.​
you're only 14? shiiiiiiit....I'm only 7. nice start, keep it up.
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nice old loves and peapods.

I Shine Cause I Grind

theres a full court pressure, im just goin for the two, if im open for the three, imma take it in a second, even if theres one second and imma make it its nothin
son what u need to do is buy ur shoes bigger so just in case u do grow ...u don't have to give your shoes away like i did when i was 16
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nice start man, love the aquas
here are my references
above tha clouds, bigd95112, bayAIRea707, escobarmeth, sinfurious,
akm2tan, cesarhpr1986

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