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Jan 1, 2006
Im 17, i buy all my kicks, well accept purple atc's (birthday present from parents), ive been collecting since july of last year, except for black cat IV's, its a little gap in my collection, i didnt have a job from early december 2006- late april 2007

comments are welcome, thanks for viewing, now onto to the kicks

Fashion Freak

ur a funny dude, but thats ur opinion
Weak shoes..?starburys?Timbs?How about good shoes in your collection?
you gotta start somewhere though..nice collection
i mean just for the record, i got some starburys jus because, i support the starbury movement, selling kicks for cheap to help: people that dont wanna spend alotta money on kicks, and people that jus dont have the money
what's wrong with starbury's and timbs? i got like 3 pair of them. they are straight little shoes, and you can't beat the price. i promise you, the ones that look like AF1's are waaaay more comfortable than any AF1 has ever been. don't sleep on them just because they are $15. since when does price define how nice a shoe is or how appealing to the eye they are? if JB started selling jordans for $50, would you stop buying them?
fashionfreek, let's see YOUR collection. if you don't have something good to say, keep your dumb comments to yourself.

you got a nice collection started man. nothing wrong with starbury's.
im glad to see someone else put timbs in their collection post...i rock timbs like any other sneaker and have a wide variety to choose from....keep doing what you doing....
"The Head is Heavy of He Who Wears the Crown"
I realllly like those michigain air assaults..I hope they hit the clearance rack so I can grab em for like $20!!!

Overall dope collection IMO!!

Looking to buy:
Nike Maharishi Terminator Sz 10.5-11
lol i knew someone was goin to say somethin, im not gonna lie, i sell fakes to kids around my way, oh well sue me
not a cool comment guy....there are some people on here tryin to stunt with some of the fakes you sold them....but oh like it i love it
"The Head is Heavy of He Who Wears the Crown"
i dont sell them to ppl on NT, i sell them to people that live around my way, didnt u read the comment?
nice militarys
"Even def girls say hi to me, she tell her blind friend and she say i gotta see." Weezy
At first I thought it was a good start and I didn't think that people should be hatin' on it but then when you commented that you sell fake SH*T to the kids around your way, that just pissed me off
I hate anyone who sells fake sh*t to kids that don't know just to make some money! I think that's f*cked up and after that comment I bet a lot of people on NT will avoid doing business with you! That's just my opinion, and I don't know what other people think but I hate it when people scam on other people for money

"I hate when n*ggas say that talk is cheap,
cuz I'm the type to let money talk for me." - weezy
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