my dog doesnt want to get high

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Ok my dog just had its spading surgery and i cant get it to take its pills for pain. how do you get your dog to take meds because im getting pretty close to just cramming it down her throat.
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no dont do that ^^ that is awful

put the pill on some kinda treat/food that the dog loves. im not sure if yogurt is healthy for dogs, but u can put some yogurt on the pill and the dog will lick the yogurt and also swallow the pill. maybe try with peanut butter?


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i thought you were talking about smoking and blowing it in their face. i always tried to do that to be generous cause little dude is always so nervous but he would run away when ever i would light a joint
i guess he's just one of those straight edge types
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I've got 2 dogs.  One will take his meds straight out of my hand. 

The other behaves like how your dog sounds.  We just have to do a steady rotation of lunch meat, cheese and these things they sell at the Vet called Pill Pockets or Pill Poppers I can't remember.  Anyways my dog gets wise eventually to a pill being in the cheese so we switch to lunch meat, when that happens with the lunch meat we use the pill thing from the vet.  It looks almost like a hollowed Combo (don't know if those snacks even exist anymore) but you place the pill inside the shell of the treat and he eats whole.  Whenever he's on meds I never seem to be able to get by with the same trick for more than 2-3 days then the switch up occurs.
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Originally Posted by DavyJones

tryed peanut butter and she licked it right off the pill
This....or buy a "pill pocket"....edible pill like a charm
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My suggestion is burying it in the peanut butter, my dog used to love that. Or you can just open up its mouth and throw it down its throat, or so far back that the tongue can't scoop it out. Had to resort to that as well.
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my dog is 15 and refuses beer after taking a sniff (we offer it to him as a joke). I think he wants to wait until he's 21 to do that.

no problems with pills though, all we do is open up his jaw, throw the pill down the throat, and fire in the hole.
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wrap it in cheese

or turkey meat

or honestly, lift her head up and put the pills down her throat...its nothing bad

these were the methods we used
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