My Drink N My 2 Step Remix ft. Cassidy, Kanye & Ne-Yo

Ne-Yo completely ruins this with his part

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feeelin this remix
but word minus ne-yo it would've been even better
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i dont like that lineup...looks wack off rip. :smh:
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any one think that cassidy just isnt that good?
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Its just to keep deputies clueless
^*raises hand! and he don't want it wit' my n_ Jewels..
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my T
u think he was goin at LL?
i didnt catch that part
maybe with a better verison ill hear it
'Ye: Now I got a flow that sit me right next to B.I.G./And all these old rappers dont know where exit is.

'Ye dont kno nothin about battlin. I think hed be lost if a dude was to outright diss him in a song. Im not sure 'Ye wrote that anyway

Yea I dont think Cass is that good at this album rap career :smokin
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Neyo should've been on the hook or adlibs or something instead of puttin him wayyy at the end. Kanye had a dope verse though, wasn't expecting that from him. Especially since he looked bored out his mind on Rap City while Cass was freestyling.
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Man has 'Ye come a long way. Dude did his thing on that remix for real.
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.. Ne-Yo was alright on it but it still came of :pimp:
to me cause Cass and Ye went in
Born alone, die alone, no crew to keep my crown or throne
I'm deep by sound alone, caved inside in a thousand miles from home
cassidy has a new album coming out the 6th?!?! :wow:
We can only go up from here​
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