My FINAL girl thread ever on NT Vol. I ended it this time LOLZ

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Cliff notes of past

-girl breaks up with me after almost 3 years of dating in summer 2006
-I act like a vagina, do everything I can to get her back
-get her back, girl breaks up with me through email in summer 2007
-I swear to myself I am not going back, yet somehow I do (should have never met her to give her the key, leave it at the door
-things go extremely well for the next two years

So a few weeks ago I start to realize I caught something.
Huh? I knowI wasn't the one who had sex with somebody else and got it. Turned out that she had sex with somebody during that second, one-week long breakup. I guessit's all fair game when you're broken up. But you HAVE TO tell me what you did, especially if you did it with somebody you didn't know was clean ornot (obviously wasn't). What if it was HIV? Would she understand then? But not only did she not tell me then, she found out last summer she caughtsomething and failed to tell me again

So long story short, I ended it yesterday for good. I'm moving on. I thank NT for their help, and should have listened.
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you're a good man, I wouldnt have been happy till I saw blood (her blood) EDIT: you had sex with the same girl for 3 years ??? Jesus is that you???
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You need to listen to Dr. Dre 2001

Youll never have this problem in life ever again
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Originally Posted by ThuG LyFe

damn so she gave you hiv? ending it is the least you can do...hope it works out man
Nooo. HPV. I said, what if it was HIV? Then would she understand why I had to end it?
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I commend you for the fact you didn't lay hands on her... I commend you for the fact you're are letting it go... cause some cats I know, she wouldabeen M.I.A. right about now...


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You still took the L fam.

You doubled back on your word and took her back... your lack of discipren caused you to get burned.
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I took you getting your balls rotisserie'd for you to break up w/ her?


Which means that if she was clean, y'all would still be together.

Which makes me think that you'll still get back with her eventually if she wanted to be with you.

So wait,wait,wait.

She's been burning since '07? Which means you've been throwing flames for 2 years?

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Originally Posted by DaJoka004

Turned out that she had sex with somebody during that second, one-week long breakup. I guess it's all fair game when you're broken up.
which is why i dont believe in the time apart/separate for a while thing
hope errything works out for you tho
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Damn son, you sir are very bold for putting your whole medical record for all NT to know. Much props for you finally realizing female was a @+!#%.
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"I shoulda listened", When you told me don't do that i did it any what "I shoulda listened" -Lil flip
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