My First NT Thread Vol. The Unknown Flyer (Warning "Life size" Pics)

Joined Jun 4, 2008
So I went skydiving yesterday. I contemplated creating a thread prior to the jump to get any reactions as to what to expect.
I decided against it, but Im posting the pics now. Video should be coming soon.
Joined Oct 1, 2006
thats pretty dope man i alsways wanted to do this . how was is? where u scared to jump lol?
Joined Jun 4, 2008
The jump itself is $200, but they charge an extra $100 for the pics and video, which IMO every first jump deserves a video.
Joined May 28, 2005
nice pics
how much does somethin like that cost?
ill never do it but im jus curious
Joined Jun 17, 2006
I've always wanted to try this...

Did you get a headache or anything afterwards?
Joined Jun 4, 2008
Originally Posted by The Takeover

Dope! How long is the training I have $300 to waste I might look into this
They train you while theyre gearing you up.
I guess the fact that youre jumping with a professional is the reason why there is really no training.
Theres only a few instructions, but that takes less than 5 minutes.
Joined Feb 9, 2008
who was taking pics?

whoever it was, gots skills.. i wouldnt take pics if i was that high in the sky..
Joined Feb 15, 2006
I see you live in BX, i live in Queens, whered you go do this? i need website info and/or phone number if possible. I been lookin into doing this for a couplemonths now. How long was the far as time goes???
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