My friend and his girlfriend are fighting... each claim the the other made the DVD cases stick out from the shelf


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Ghosts aren't real, but liars are

Somebody is lying
Without a doubt, they’ve texted just once today. Cold War status.

What is this “wall theory”?
He basically ran a test where he bashed the wall from the other side (where another bedroom is) to see if it was possible that something could’ve hit it hard enough to do that to his DVD shelf on the other side. Like if a side guy had her up against the wall

Are the "Dvd's" in Alphabetical Order?
No they’re categorized by which ones are Jason Staham movies and which ones arent
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I thought the girlfriend was getting plowed from behind and holding the dvds for support before I entered the thread.
I am disappoint
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I lived with a friend until August of this past year, and he's the sort of guy who has problems that only happen to him.

Hence TODAY: when half his DVD cases in his stupid *** man-cave gaming room are all sticking out from the DVD shelf.

He lives with his girlfriend, he says he didn't do it, she says she didn't do it, they're the only ones that live there -- and they are now in a fight that might have the weirdest possible ending, because neither says they were the one that did it. Who's pranking who? Who's lying, and what would be their motive? Was someone blackout and did it and can't remember? The mystery grows

Here are the pics and the texts that followed (yes I know he has the ****tiest taste in movies)



Son could it be ghosts?!!?! i MEAN I DON'T BELIEVE IN THEM but paranormal stuff has happened to him: when we were kids, he claimed once a ghost dragged him across the floor of his basement in the middle of the night when a friend, me and him were all sleeping over there in the basement.

Anyway, go head with the theories. We all need a friend where something this weird breaks him and his girlfriend up, hope it doesn't happen tho
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