My friend is auditioning to get on Glee. Let's get her on NT!

Joined Apr 10, 2006
her voice isn't good, man. this is on some american idol "i think i'm good so everyone must think the same" steez.

sorry, no vote.
Joined Jul 4, 2004
Because of that false advertisement, I made sure to vote for someone other than her to lessen her chance of getting picked.
Joined May 12, 2008
did you know dolphins are just gay sharks?

eeeeennnnnnhhhhhhhhh..........good luck with that.....shes too similar looking to that other asian chick on the show already so no.
Joined Nov 22, 2002
For maximum effect listen to her talk first, then watch her sing.
didn't experience this...

btw, she aint pretty, but I hope you are smashing for your efforts.
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