My friend was killed on Mother's Day

Joined Oct 10, 2007
One of my homies was killed in the early morning hours on Mother's Day, right before his commencement (he didwalk for his department's ceremony on Saturday). Although I wasn't super close with him, we chilled with the same people. Regardless, he was a stand updude trying to make it out the hood but he didn't get a chance to fully enjoy the fruits of his labor...

I decided to share this with NT cuz he was into sneakers. He wasn't a sneakerhead, just a dude who liked to get fly.
So R.I.P. Javon, congratulations on graduating and I'm gonna keep it wavey in your memory. Put ya lighters in the air
cuz he was purveyor of the green.

http://Bronx Man KilledHours After College Graduation
University Mourns Death of Recent Graduate

Joined Apr 18, 2008

nah wa for my people

they say mistaken identity, but from the back? Screams the work of hatin' a** jigs to me....on some Common "That's Black.....maybe" typesteeze
Joined Mar 10, 2003
I heard about this over here in Buffalo...

My cousin knew the kid since they were both going to UB for Electrical Engineering..says he was a smart kid

Sorry for you loss dude..
Joined Feb 25, 2005
daaam thats really sad.

dude does all this hard work and just has it taken away from him. RIP
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