my friends cousin visiting from trinindad .......

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trini women are the best looking west indian ladies...Bajan and Jamaican girls bring up the rear.

yeah i said it
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Bout a 6 in the face. 9 in the body. I'd blast.
It'd just be crazy having to have text convos while you're sitting right next to her though.
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I actually have. No joke. I met her off the web and you never thing to ask if a person is DEAF, and they she never mentioned it. I never got used to almost not talking the whole day, but she could read lips so it kinda compensated. Good thing was, you can say whatever you want while you sexin and she'll never know. Just make sure her eyes are closed. Also, she's still a human, so dont treat her any different. Disreguard the shallow statement before the sentense before this one.
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