My friends sister is almost done w a solo row across the Atlantic Vol: Row for Water

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This is my friends younger sister.  Shes been on the Atlantic Ocean by herself rowing for over 2 months and when she finishes the trip probably this weekend she will be the youngest american to ever do the row.  If you want to check it out, read blogs, or donate to the cause (clean drinking water) check out her site. 
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That is pretty cool! The stories from her blog are also interesting!
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Wait are there other boats accompanying her?
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How is she updating her website? She sending pigeons with bottled letters to her webmaster?
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how is that possible? with currents and the size of that boat, how do you gain any round? that seems like a heck of a endurance run if its all human powered movement. I guess you set anchor every night and hope you dont get pushed off course?
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Originally Posted by enlightenedespot

Wait are there other boats accompanying her?
nope, solo dolo...

How is she updating her website? She sending pigeons with bottled letters to her webmaster?
same thing you got in your sig...twitter im pretty sure.  that and a satellite phone/laptop thing for blog entries.  i think she got one phonecall a week and it was usually to her mom.
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What is a typical day at sea like?

Maintaining a schedule is key. A typical day will include 10-12hours of rowing with time for sleep, navigation, and boat maintenance.

6:00am Wake up and eat breakfast, check weather and night progress
6:30am Row for two hours
8:30am Mid morning meal, prep water for the day
9:00am Row for two hours
11:00am Lunch #1, take position and plot chart
12:00pm Short break, powernap
12:30pm Row for two hours
2:30pm Lunch #2
3:00pm Row for two hours
5:00pm Dinner, contact land team with progress, scrub bottom of boat (when needed)
6:30pm Row for two hours
8:30pm Stop rowing, secure boat for the night, sleep

what she eats and how she navigates is all there
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Damn 2 months out at sea.. sounds kind of relaxing, then again i probably have no idea what I'd get myself into lol.
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