my humble collection of 2 years **LOTS OF PICS**

Joined Oct 1, 2005
ive been collecting for about 2 years now. i worked at a local shoe store where i

would get discounts for my sneakers which is great for me. but my last pickups

were 7 months ago. ive been jobless but enough of that onto the pics

tell me what you guys think... i stopped collecting for a while

dat sick kid

Joined Mar 26, 2007
nice collection billy bob

damn son...during school, you rocked like white on white forces everyday and i've probably only seen you rock 3 or 4 of the other kicks

rock don't stock kiiiiiid

btw, i got you by one more shoe...i think i counted 29 there, i'm at 30...

but u did stop collecting so i guess i can't say nothin'...
Joined Jan 30, 2004
not too bad..

THe carnivals and cg3s are the only things that stand out to me ..

Keep it up holmes..
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