My Jordan Oil Painting.(PIC)

oil on 36 by 48 inch canvas(3x4feet).
Anyone got a photo of the Randy Moss purple AJXI mid? I want to do that next.
Very very nice.........
Why don't you send that to MJ?
Just a thought........
@#%$ that's a bloody nice pic!!!! You planning to sell that or something? That is VERY VERY NICE! I would pay for that.....if i had the money :frown:
But that's very very nice :D

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dude, you would make a killing on here if you sold those, i would definitely buy that if i had the money

great work
Really nice painting! When I first saw it I thought it was an actual picture. Here's some pictures of Moss in his XI's...can't wait to see you paint one of these!



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amazing job...that painiting is should do the lightnings too.
sick......kills my jordan i made out of chalk pastel.....nice ish . Ebay it?
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thats madd hot! also, if you wanna make the purple XIs, just paint some other XIs, but change the colors.

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gotta give props where theyre deserved and i like it a lot, so i give u props.....

I got 40 and I'm only adding...
that is just long have you been painting? i'd love to see more of your work..thanks for sharing!
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Great job on the oil painting, 2COMBATSHADOW3. How long did it take you to do that???

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Good god! You got some real talent! Are you planning on keeping it?
great job....looks real
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yeah man good job, thats dope as hell... how much do you want for it?!
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