"My name is Vincent Dooly, and im an inventor" /// Saddest human being Ever (LINKS)


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Topic 1:


"my middle name is Yestinad"

Dude gets props for the bird invention, but he just seems like an odd gentleman


Topic 2:

Ok someone recently showed me a youtube vid of this guy, and i was seriously blown away. And not in a good way

Yes, you heard right, he also swallows his own jizz, or as he calls it: "recycles" it.

And then theres the most pathetic 2 minutes of video ever recorded.

Yes, I dont know how to properly embed.

No, im not embarassed about it.*


*and by no, I mean yes.
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Topic 1:
This is for an indie movie called The Mother of Invention. I have no clue when it is dropping.
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