My NT Ballers, Given 10 Tries, Could You Score on Andre Iguodala 1 on 1?

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As the title states, could be at a carnival or fair or All Star Weekend Jam Fest but let's say you just have to pay a fee, and for say 10 bucks they hand you the ball, an open half court and you just get to try to score on Andre Iguodala 1 on 1 for a prize. What's your go to move? Do you think you could? How many tries? Would you take the chance in front of your girl? What if you could pick from a selection of NBA players? Who do you pick and why? Think your chances improve?

- No. I'd get straight locked, best bet would be to hoop to get him off his feet on some type of jump stop pump fake (like his teammate Klay does), and step thru but he's 7-8 inches taller than me so he's probably disciplined enough not to jump.

- I'd pick a smaller guard like Isaiah Thomas or JJ Barea and just bully ball get them on 1 shoulder back down and flip up/scoop layup/baby hook/reverse under the rim with the opposite hand, always been good at that. Then again, if they're my height I could shoot over them 1 dribble pullup too. The bully ball thing was always hilarious whenever dudes wanted to play for money or something. Probably still wouldn't

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Does he have a ruptured Achilles at the time of this one-on-one?

If yes, perhaps.
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Depends on the situation.

Is it off of the catch? And he is defending me 1 on 1? (Probably not; He is too strong, too quick, limbs are too extensive)

Am I in transition? (I believe I could do it at least 1/10 tries)
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Depends on the situation.

Is it off of the catch? And he is defending me 1 on 1? (Probably not; He is too strong, too quick, limbs are too extensive)

Am I in transition? (I believe I could do it at least 1/10 tries)
yea 1 on 1. However you want it. Some people in 1 on 1 like to post up or start their offensive possession some way other than stationary facing the defender so I've seen where there's like a 3rd person you throw the ball too and say you want to run a curl and catch at the top of the key in motion or want to midrange post up the receive in that position and have those options (it's how "traditional" bigs play 1 on 1 in practice since they don't really face up), anything is fine. Point is it's just you and him and you have to get a bucket, 1 shot per try, 10 tries.


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While I'm a good jump shooter he would probably block me 10/10 times

Only way IMO unless you are a superior athlete/baller would be some kind of hook shoot he didn't see coming or floater that's wel executed

Don't think too many on here are legit ballers or good.
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If I get it at top of key, I'd probably jab step, pump fake and take one to two dribbles to the left or right depending on his stance. Let it fly.

If the ref wasn't there, I'd back him down and take my chances with the hook shot. I play the glass pretty well.
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If you have a good drive game, or good post game, you might be able to get him on your shoulder under/at the rim (in what Pitino calls jail because you can't really block a shot from there). That's your best chance. Even as I began to rapidly lose my athleticism, that always worked on more athletic/bigger guys if you can play the glass well and have both hands around the rim. Now can any NTer dribble drive Iguodala or backdown crab dribble him into that position even starting from the top of the key?
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Hmmm do i get to take 3-4 steps after picking up my dribble and also perhaps switch my pivot foot like an NBA player?

If he fouls me does that not count against 1 of my 10 tries? I wouldn't be confident I could score but maybe. :rofl:
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This question is the equivalent of can a 3rd grader score a basket on a grown man actually playing defense.

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dont underestimate yourselves. Unless you have no coordination or confidence. I'd get some buckets or 1 with that bully ball but he'd definitely win a game to 7
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I'm only 5'10, so It would be tough. But there's atleast 10+ ppl on this site that would score atleast once. Y'all give these NBA dudes too much credit at times, 1 on 1 is a wide open ball game
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Sonny Corinthos

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I'm fat now , but if I got a couple months to workout I could score on Kawhi . My step back jumper was butter 15 years ago
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I'm certain I could.

I bet I could score on James Harden
I'm sure NT as a whole can't score on a NBA player.
Speak for yourself b. I aint one to back down from anybody so I'm goin at whoever and gon make it my business to get buckets. Some of the dudes in the league shouldn't be there but since they live in the right neighborhood, got recruited to the right college and that system helped em, they essentially get drafted.
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