My Older NT'ers: Just One Of The Guys Appreciation

Jul 7, 2005
Just bought the DVD for 6.00 on ebay! Classic 80's movie. Could very well be the first rack I ever saw as a youngin as well. I know I'm not the onlyone who remembers this one. Weird Science is next!
I watched this over and over when I was little.

I remember being like "Boobies!" when she opened up her tux, lol.

One of my favorites.
Yes!!!! I had been looking for this movie FOREVER. Used to borrow it from the library, just to see the tux scene. Had to add it to the collection.

I watched this the other week when it came on late night on ABC.

Her brother done came up hooking up with that one girl.
Definitely appreciated. Especially the boobie part. lol. I remember watching it and being like isn't that the dude that kicked Daniel son's %@* inkarate kid. For the beasts the actress name was Joyce Hyser
this was def one of those summer vacation sitting in the house bored watching some tv type flicks. One of my faves.
While far from Shakespearean, the +@$*-erotic undertones in that movie make it really interesting to watch the 2nd or 3rd time around.
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