My phone is messed up, what should i do? (Iphone related)

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im with verizon, and the phone i currently have is messed up, it wont allow itself to get charged (from either a regular charger or my car charger). the 'jack' inside my phone must be messed up because last night in the dark i was tryin to plug the charger in my phone and couldnt fit it in the hole properly so i'm assuming i broke somethin off inside the jack when i tried jamming it in ..smh

i dont want to upgrade to a droid because im hearing the iphone will be coming to verizon this summer? or somethin

should i hop on the t mobile pre paid plan for a few months or somethin?

oh btw, the chargers only seem to work when i sit there and hold my phone while pressing the charger jack all the way up
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You dont have insurance on your phone? They should cover that, just dont go there and tell em you were jamming it in, in the dark and you couldnt find the hole. (thats what she said?)

But 4real insurance should cover it.
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you can wait it out if you want..but i wouldnt wanna tie myself to a contract right now if your planning on buying the next iphone. ITS ALL RUMORS right now but...the next iphone is supposedly gonna be announced this june 22nd with a possible release in july. like apple always does, and release in the summer since 2007. supposedly for AT&T (of course) and a possible (rumored) verizon one going into production this september. i would wait it out and see what happens instead of tying myself to a contract then having to terminate it and pay ETF. use your insurance or buy another cheap phone. just my opinion. oh..try using another charger. your charger might be faulty..
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