My Pics from the PACQUIAO vs CLOTTEY fight *Vol. LOTS OF PICS/Stories*

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What up NT?
Back from 'Banned Camp'....
and finally going to post my pics from my visit to Dallas, to watch the Pacquiao-Clottey fight....

I went with my Sister, her Fiance, his friend and my cousin.
We stayed at the Gaylord Texan, which is the official hotel for the Cowboys, and Manny stayed at the same hotel.
Ishh was helllla expensive, but we said, 'why not', because we could run into him.

i resized some of the pics....
i only posted pics of me and cousin, our faces are croped out, i am the one wearing all the Pacquiao tees....

on to the pics....

The Hotel


my cousins 'cool' pic

i dont know about this

from my cousin and I's room, Pacquaio supposedly was on the 4th floor....

Our First Sighting of Team Pacquiao (Buboy in the Trainer SCs)

The Bus

Friday Night Fights at the Hotel

'The Group' (us) meeting people at random times (going out to eat, going to rent a car, taking a walk etc.)
If some of you are boxing or Team Pacquaio heads, you might know these people....

Buboy and I

Buboy and my cousin

Michael's face looked sooooo fake! lol

while we went out to get a car....

walking at night....
super nice guy....

(adidas Knicks jacket x Nike MP shirt = i dont care lol)
sidenote: im glad the Knicks beat Dallas

Bobby didnt want to talk at first, then he asked us if we spoke Tagalog, when we said yes, he looked hella relieved.... lol

I dont know what happened to this pic....

<Pepper Roach (Freddie's Brother) is freaking JOKES! we talked to him for a bit, and he asked, 'You guys speak Tagalog right?' and we said yes. Then he asked 'What does 'Bakla' mean? because everyone keeps on calling me that! its a good thing right??
and we all just laughed, then told him what it meant.

Some Guy was in charge of taking care of the belt, he was walking around super slow with it....
My cousin asked if we could take a pic with it, he said yes, and he held while we took, like we were going to steal it...

1st time

next day

Saturday Night
outside the Cowboy Stadium (the Mothership)
my cousin

our seats, not that bad for $150....

the Screen/ Wildcard fights/ Miscellaneous


< this guy was Mexican too lol I think he wore them the whole




Joined Aug 31, 2009

im not 'shook' to show my face....
do i have to?

like i said, we just randomly met them....
we met freddie, just walking around at night, i was talking to the security guard, because he had a Team Pacquaio shirt that i never saw before, then my sisters, fiances, friend pointed out that Freddie was standing beside him

all these reporters/camera crews etc. were chilling in the loby, and they didnt get any interviews or even pics....

and i think i spent around $800
our flight got us there on Thurs, and we left Sun.
again, like i said the hotel was hellllllllla pricey, i think it was $200+ a night, but whatever,
now im broke....

billy hoyle

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not bad for $150? son i doubt you could even see the people fighting if it wasnt for the jumbo screen.
Joined Aug 31, 2009
nah, i didnt need one....
i guess, just as long as you have a Team Pacquaio shirt on, and you know Tagalog, you should be good....
at least, that was for our case....

i just realized that every pic my cousin took, he didnt move.... lol

Billy Hoyle
it was very distracting to say the least....
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Originally Posted by OrenthalJames

My brothers floor seat pics > these.

-The Juice
just saying....

and im a senior high school kid, with no job, and im not spoiled....
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ill pm you, because i dont want to get banned again, and again for the same reason of what bakla means.....

The Notorious Bum
that could be another reason
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