My trip to Seoul with Soshified and SNSD WARNING lots of Pictures

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One of the greatest experiences of my life. The food, culture, Kpop, women

I want to go back so badly, the subway was a snap to use after going off on your own just once, make sure you have the app.

The people though they mostly kept to themselves were extremely polite and helpful.

The language barrier was tough, from what i noticed the younger generation knew how to speak English b/c its taught in schools now.

A little background info the international SNSD fanclub - Soshified (about 180k in members) put together this trip to go to Seoul, with all the activities and restaurants we went to.

The first 100 people to sign up and pay a deposit got to go on this trip for a week, about 20 of us decided to stay an extra week and enjoy Seoul on our own which was alot of fun.

We stayed at the Yellow Submarine Hostel and that place was awesome, i recommend it if you ever plan on backpacking there.

15 Hours from SFO to Incheon

Checking In at the Hotel

immediately when we got off the plane we were swamped by media as they dubbed us the "Kpop 100" because we flew over to Seoul for SNSDs concert though they generalized it to kpop in general.

This went on the first few days they would follow us to activities, eventually it got too much and they backed off until the day of the concert where they interviewed, talked, etc. for the last time

I got pulled for an interview with E! news korea, never saw the interview though.

Pictures do none of these girls justice. Though they look gorgeous in pictures, in person.......

its on another level. i somehow pushed my way through to the front of the standing area and gazed on with amazement

for 3 full hours of singing, dancing, everything, boy do they know how to put on a show. It was absolutely Amazing.

Waiting in line for.......

Concert Goods hahah it was a crazy long line for tumblers, posters, towels, lightsticks etc

MBC Dream Center for a recording of Music Core, this is what Korea is about their weekly music shows 
 like a free concert with 10-12 artists

Fan Meeting with 2PM and T-ara after Music Core

Dongdaemun Night Market - so many places to shop its crazy buliding upon building of shops multiple levels seperated for clothes, shoes, accessories for men and women

Myungdong - Another touristy shopping area, great place for CDs of your favorite kpop artists, This is where the Spao main store is where Sm artists are models

Up stairs on the 4th floor of Spao is EverySing a Karaoke place where you can sing and a shop dedicated to Sm artists - SNSD, TVXQ, SuperJunior, Fx, Shinee etc.

Large Panorama i took outside of Spao

Innisfree - Makeup store that Yoona endorses, lots of free posters and stuff when you buy a sheet mask or anything in store.

Cheonggye Stream that runs through Seoul and the Palace

Gyeongbak Palace

DIY Kimchi class - Only in Korea hahah

M! Countdown music show

Hosts Tony An from H.O.T and Shin So Yool

Cuties from T-ara

Miss bubblepop! herself Hyuna


Winners of that weeks countdown Miss A

Seoul N Tower and the city view at night

Visible from practically any spot in Seoul

Places where the ahjummas and ajusshis to workout 

Breathtaking place to be at, long trek up a mountain though 
 wrong shoes and a backpack full of goodies, no bueno

LotteWorld - where an adult can be a kid at this indoor amusement park

Sm ent. JYP and other entertainment companies

this yellow old looking building is SM's main building and everyday there are people there. Japanese, chinese girls were out there like everyday hoping

to catch a glimpse of anyone walking in and out, it happened to be SuperJuniors comeback so there were lots of girls. I got to see Lee Soo Man (chairman CEO of SM)

himself leaving the building.

Heres the new SM Trainee building with actual signs

Heres JYP's main building

If you watch alot of korean variety shows, you know celebs dont take limos they take these pimped out Chevy Celeb Vans

On our second to last day we were wandering around Apgujeong to check out SM and go out to eat. Apgueong is the Beverly Hills of Korea, it even has a Rodeo Street.

If you wanna see celebs this is your best bet and SM and the other companies are around her as well. so we went to a Boba shop that Sm artists are known to frequent and

lo and behold outside this shop we meet Amber from F(x), she just wrapped up her promotions with Hot summer and pinocchio(danger). we spoke with her (shes from LA)

 but couldnt take pictures cause of SM rules etc. so we respected that and went on our ways.

We went to another music show which was at KBS (Korean Broadcasting Station) and we watched "Immortal Song" which was a singing competition for Idols

the show was epic and we got to see the idols and other singers like DJ DOC, Moon Hee Jun (former leader of HOT)

the Idols were Hyorin from Sistar, Huh Gak, Jay Park former 2pm, Jiyoon from 4minute, Kyuhun of SuperJunior, G.O of Mblaq

it was a great show and we even go to vote for the people to move onto the next round.

Queuing up outside to try to get into the show

we couldnt take pictures inside so, i managed to snap a photo of the logo on stage ehh blurry but i didnt want to get kicked out


Patbingsoo- ice shaving ice cream various toppings

Soooo much good food but i lost weight instead of gained, probably cause of all the walking we did and we walked EVERYWHERE from subway stations and its humid there too
Goodies from Korea & Souvenirs

Vita 500 collection plus a bottle made at the concert with my picture on it.

Albums, photobook, DVD set galore

Souvenir for friends and family

innisfree goodies, flyers, postcards, hankerchiefs etc.

Concert goods

My prized possession found on the ground at the Concert, when the girls had their first fanmeeting these were passed around. To attend a fan meeting you need to be apart

of the official SONE fanclub in Korea and register with a Korean SSN which i have neither and am not a citizen, but to find this on the ground was just epic

So many posters with no room on my wall

IU shes adorable 

Miss A poster free from a store

Vita 500 poster from the Concert

Models for Intel Asia, free DVD and too many posters, i have 20-30 more posters from various albums but you get the idea

My buddy Jon basically had a Fan account with more pictures and basically explains what went on from day to day and you can read that here:

and here: more SNSD concert info with Fancams during the concert

If you guys are interested in being a member of Soshified and want to go on a trip with us, they are planning to do this every year and it wasnt that bad cost wise.

join up spazz about SNSD and the girls and maybe go on a trip next summer.

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Its been a month since I got back sorry for the late reply but better than nothing.

I would totally make this a must visit destination if you ever want to go to Korea or Asia in general.

Cross this off my bucket list.

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That sir is tteokbokki, Spicy Rice Cakes with ramen eggs, hot sauce, you let the broth reduce and let everything soak up the flavor..

the most amazing dish youve ever had.

Korea recently made this their National dish, so go out there and try it broo
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I have no idea what any of this means except Seoul and South Korea but looks like an interesting trip. Nice pics.
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i havent been there since i moved over here to LA. came when i was 6 so i dont even really remember

im def going back soon. place is
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Thought this was going to be about Ben Baller reuniting with Sasha Singleton for a trip to Korea. 

Would have been epic.
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cool pics..I always enjoy when other nt post pics from places they visited...

but, males actually listen to a female pop group?
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yes we actually do the trip consisted of about 60% -70% males while the rest were 40% - 30% females
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Originally Posted by SaintVitus07

Thought this was going to be about Ben Baller reuniting with Sasha Singleton for a trip to Korea. 

Would have been epic.

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^Soshified is SNSD's international fan club and they put together this trip for 100 of us members.

we werent the big deal, it was more of the good press we were giving Korea and their culture.

Its a big deal for them to have 100 international fans to all fly to Korea to learn the culture and spread the what they call "Hallyu Wave"

which is the spreading of Korean culture: music, food, tv dramas to different parts of the world.

if someone can help me embed i have videos from the Korean media:

For a week we were in the news with different new outlets, members getting interviewed by newspapers and magazines. all very surrreal
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i don;t know too much about kpop except the few videos i've seen, but this sounds like a great trip. and well, korean women are gorgeous imo

thanks for the sharing. this is how you make a thread
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