Mychal Thompson AF1 In Chicago

I would also appreciate any info on these shoes, i really want to see them in person before i make a fianl decision.
Self Conscious wants $175 for them and I'm goin up to P & J when I get off today.


P&J is definitely now my spot for pickin up kicks as they have a very nice and diverse selection. Anyway, he couldn't let the kicks go today, but I paid for them in full and I will be picking them up Saturday morning. Once again, good lookin out Flip Jays.
DJ Ransom
I think I'm gonna check out P&J tomorrow. Flip put me on game a long time ago and I never went.
The WORDS of a scholar are worth a thousand times more than the BLOOD of a martyr.
^^^^ A lot of that crap is cosignment kicks that people just try to cash in with. But you gotta remember, the kicks weren't supposed to come out until Feb. 3, so the 175 was just for the few days before. Went on Saturday and he only wanted 125. Also seen Michael Coopers, Moses Malone's, Bobby Jones, Jamal Wilkes, and Amare's.
The WORDS of a scholar are worth a thousand times more than the BLOOD of a martyr.
just go on and go into the members section $125.00 they also have some of the other orginal 6 af1's up there already
Wanted Any Size: MENS & WMNS OG AM1's and AM Lights / Scrapped Amsterdam AM1 / Orange & Pink Huf AM1 / Pink Kid Robot AM1 / AM1/AM90 Hybrid (early 1990's)
Wanted sz 9.5-13: Storm AM1 / JD Ying and Yang AM1's / Premium AM1 (all leather) / Any Jewel AM1 / Any Euro.AP only AM1's

If You have ANY of these please E-mail me at thanks much
just got mine off ebay for 135 beats goin out wit this weather :lol:
just search it and power sellers got em for 125buy it now :wow:
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