MySpace vs Facebook vs Twitter vs Niketalk

Apr 11, 2009
Aight, i know this aint the best topic but oh well. Whats everybodys favorite spot or social network. I stay on niketalk but not to many chicks and theynever really show pics or just a avatar. I was a myspace head but just got onto facebook. Its coo, easier to find people but a little less going on with thepages but i like it. It been slow tho since i got on it a couple days ago. This is also a plea for niketalk females to show some pics. Lol gotta throw thatin.
Aight, i know this aint the best topic
At least you admit it

..but NT. Facebook is on the decline, desperately trying to be like Twitter.
My opinion.

Myspace>>>>> Facebook.

Niketalk>>>>> Twitter.

But if I had to chose one. It would be Niketalk.
1. Facebook because its my REAL friends.
2. NT cuz its funny and sometimes has valuable info
3. Myspace used to use it, now its really gay.
4. Twitter, never used it before. If i did use it it would prolly be ahead of Mysapce because again Myspace is really gay.
Cue the "People still use Myspace???" comments. Acting like the site is outdated or somethin'.

But pertaining to the question.

Rarely get on Facebook...only use it to catch up with college buddies out of town or out of state.

On Myspace daily.

Never have gotten a Twitter. Will never need one. Do you really need to know what I'm doing? Seriously?

Niketalk reigns supreme. Can't live without this forum.
Ok, i know we're on niketalk but really yall?? I love niketalk, its funny as hell but the profile dont say sh*t about u really. Like i said, no picsreally. Theres dudes with chicks in their avatar but half the time u cant even tell if its a dude or a chick cuz the profile doesnt say. Is it u? is it yagirl?? it it sum random chick
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