Naptown Shoeheads Stand Up

Mar 7, 2007
whats good naptown heads....just tryin to see who my fellow NT shoeheads are in naptown

Name: Darryl
Location: East Side 38th and German Church

Lets get the Naptown Fam Strong
"The Head is Heavy of He Who Wears the Crown"
whats up fam...just tryin to see who is ib the area......lets get the indiana fam tight
"The Head is Heavy of He Who Wears the Crown"
from tha ville, just down the road! WILL be there for the expo, tha 5th-7th; where those spots at...this is what i've heard:

Well when you get to Nap you have the typical malls...Castleton Square, Washington Square and Lafayette Square...they all shoes stores and you might be able to find some stuff....Then you have Deveroes on Pendleton Pike and there is another one out west. There is Hangtime on 38th and Franklin and the other one is on 38th and Meridian....Im not sure if Athletes Foot is still in the Kroger Plaza on 38th and Post Road but you can check it out....There is a Skate store with a SB account called Rise and its pretty decent.....wear you pants with the deep pockets though....thats all i can thnk of right wife has hit them all up for still in iraq but only have 53 more days.....holla yeah....big brother cam is in Nap....i know he know some spots.....holla
' ' where cow tippin' requires heat on your feet ' '​

just all i can think wife has been shoppin for me since im in iraq.....i will ask her and let you know.....jd whats worng with 38th and German Church.....i got my house built out here
"The Head is Heavy of He Who Wears the Crown"
oh aight....i kinda like it out there.....there are alot of kids in my subdivision but other than that its pretty cool
"The Head is Heavy of He Who Wears the Crown"
You know who I am, and I'm from Nap! I stay in the Eagle Creek area
GR for now, but rumor has it Gentry's going to package it with a Toboggan and mitten set and sell it for $750
I'm from Nap. Used to go to Broad Ripple but I graduated from Warren Central. Used to stay off of 10th and German Church. I go to Purdue now. Anybody elsefrom Nap?
Hey does anybody here work at a shoe store or something like that? I've already worked at Finish Line... But as of now I am unemployed and need a J-O-B!Can I use anybody as a reference or can somebody put me in contact w/ a manager? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
i have been to got sole...they got some tight tees and some stuff you wont find anywhere else...alot of crooks and castles and sneakertip shouldcheck them out.
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