NASA scientist warns that California only has one year of water left.

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It's a wrap for us Cali bros. Half-Serious.

"Right now the state has only about one year of water supply left in its reservoirs, and our strategic backup supply, groundwater, is rapidly disappearing,” Famiglietti writes.

Last month, new research by scientists at NASA, Cornell University and Columbia University pointed to a "remarkably drier future" for California and other Western states amid a rapidly-changing climate. "Megadroughts," the study's authors wrote, are likely to begin between 2050 and 2099, and could each last between 10 years and several decades.

With that future in mind, Famiglietti says, "immediate mandatory water rationing" should be implemented in the state, accompanied by the swift formation of regulatory agencies to rigorously monitor groundwater and ensure that it is being used in a sustainable way—as opposed to the "excessive and unsustainable" groundwater extraction for agriculture that, he says, is partly responsible for massive groundwater losses that are causing land in the highly irrigated Central Valley to sink by one foot or more every year."

Cliffs: It's dry out here B. No more 17 minute showers and water baloon fights.
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thought this was obvious. not to mention the agriculture industry in cali and the amount of water they use. 


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The self consciousness of NYers is blatant ib this thread


Cali has ONE L and y'all rushing to this thread smiling like your crush just brushed against your D.

If we start tallying up L's, NY would be Ohio-esque in the standings

rustling NY jimmies are quite fun
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