Nate: LeBron Will Come To Knicks If Cavs Are Eliminated

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In before oc.

And dude still has another year left to mull it over. A lot can happen between now and then.
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lebron isnt coming to new york. they play no d under d'antoni. all lebron do is preach about d.

big j 33

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Nothing would make me happier as a Knicks fan than to see Lebron in orange and blue... but I'm not even thinking about it right now.

Far too busy enjoying a great playoffs and conference finals and some great performances.

With or without Lebron, the Knicks need to move forward and get better, that's all I care about. Team > Player.

I've read the arguments for both sides, heard the "inside" sources, read the interviews, etc. Bottomline is... no one will know for certain whatwill happen until it happens.
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Way too early to even take a guess.

IMO, the Knicks would have to make a GREAT trade (or trades) and be close to .500 next season in order to have any appeal for LeBron because you knowthe Cavs are going to make a big trade next season regardless of whether or not they win this season and are winning next season.

I just don't see them playing the minimum game (not acquiring any players w/ contracts past '10) and still appealing to LeBron merely because they cansign him and another member of the '10 class.

He's got to be able to trust that the Knicks front office is competent enough to build a winner around him. As if Isiah hadn't done enough damage tothem, not firing him earlier will probably contribute to their difficulty making themselves attractive to LeBron.
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