National Weedlympics 2010

Joined Oct 17, 2008
As the Winter Quarter ends for Cal state students some of my hallmates have all chipped in an ounce so that we can host the first weedlympics. The teams are 5 on 5 Norcal vs. Socal. 

For now we only have 4 categories weedvents which include:

Beer Bong Pong

- 2 on 2 beer pong but after you have to take a hit after every cup you drink

Downhill Rotation

-Skateboard down a slightly slanted hill (a chill hill) to longboard down and we have to complete one rotation between 5 people. The first team to complete the rotation wins

Speed Singles

- 1 on 1 blunt. on the highest part of a tree first one to finish the blunt and gets off the tree wins. 

B Legit Baseball

- 5 on 5 team B-legit baseball

-if someone breaks the baseball rotation then it starts over to the person before the person that broke the baseball. 

-First team wins. 

i need one more event to make 5...... PLEASE NT HELP ME THINK OF A CREATIVE WEEDVENT as the tie-breaker for the weedlympics.

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