NBA 2K10 League (360)

Joined Feb 12, 2008
NBA 2K10 Niketalkers!

My gamertag is XJUMPMAN 904X

League Settings: XBOX 360
Difficulty: Hall of Fame
Minutes: 6
Sim Minutes: 12
Games: 20
Teams: 16
Playoff Spots: 8

Sliders will be adjusted if needed league will be notified

1) NO back-court charges.
2) NO trying to steal inbound pass after a made basket unless pass is thrown beyond the 3 point line.
3) NO player can play all 32 minutes of the game, the max is 30 minutes without overtime.
4) ON-BALL DEFENSE is required most of the time.
5) NO quitting
6) NO full-court press until the last 2 minutes of the 4th quarter and you are down OR If down more then 20 in a game
7) NO cherry picking.

Trading is on but there will be no unbalanced ones.
Free Agents are on. No more than 5 can be picked up

Please do not fast-break ALL game long, try playing actual ball. Try not shooting all 3's or all paint shots that is unrealistic. Please be committed to the league, ACTIVE and PLAY SIM BALL.

Please contact me on Live or here to get an invite. Leave your GT here or ask me on live however make sure you agree to all the rules and you must be active.Hopefully we can continue with more seasons after this one. The draft will be generated once the league is full and you will all be notified at least one day prior to draft. So lets join up quick to get this started.
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