NBA Drafts On TNT Appreciation

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I really, really, really, miss the draft being on TNT. When the NBA and ESPN joined forces I was like ok. Then when I found out that the draft was no longer being carried by TNT.�
. I miss the music, I miss the combination of Big John, Ernie, Hubie, Majerus, Pitino and the other random folks that would show up each year. So I will just post some good stuff.

big j 33

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I appreciate anything about the NBA that isn't on ESPN... with the exception of a couple people I can't stand when I watch ESPN games
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TNT thank you for delivering for so long. Please don't change too much.

to see that little clip of Kobe giving TMac advice. Both dudes seemed mature beyond their years.
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Originally Posted by HankMoody

I can only hope I will always feel chills when watching this video.�
bra you dont even know...ima lowkey GTech BBall fan and man that shhh was f'n BEAUTIFUL!!
My cuz rocked that part down the middle faithfully for like 3 years 
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That Marbury video was nice.

I always hated that Rahsard Lewis had to sit in that green room and the camera showed him crying. Felt like the whole city felt his pain watching the Rockets pass him 3 times.
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Nice choice of videos so far
Im always ready to watch vids of that draft class (& around those years) anytime.

Jamison feeling up the NBA logo

Steph's interview
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Originally Posted by HankMoody

I can only hope I will always feel chills when watching this video.�
Hanks, I feel the same way man. ANY time I seen that clip, I get chills man. That is really my #1 Draft moment and lets me know what it is truly about.

Reeeeeeeel big green house!
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It's just another event they own that they turn into slop compared to the previous channel.

From AwfulAnnouncing the day after this year's draft:

-But the king of goofs last night was host Stuart Scott.  Normally, I can't stand Stuart Scott because of his flood of inane and useless statistics.  But overall, Scott turned in one of the sloppiest hosting jobs ever seen.  He screwed up several basic logistics on 1st round picks for teams like Charlotte (picking for themselves and not someone else) and OKC (picking at 23, not 24), thinking Darko was a 3rd overall pick instead of a 2nd overall pick, and many more.  Late in the draft, Scott mistakenly referred to a 2nd round pick as being from Croatia when he actually was from Serbia, earning a call-out from Fran Fraschilla.  Even basics like George Popovich instead of Gregg Popovich and the Toronto Trailblazers (?!) proved troublesome.   That's not to mention one of the worst jokes ever attempted in a broadcast when he said the Bulls should draft Bobcats GM Michael Jordan.  Last night was definitely not one of Stuart Scott's best performances.

Overall, the NBA Draft coverage from ESPN gets a well-deserved D+ with no room for improvement until major changes happen.

2011 and we still have to continue to see Stu Scott host or be involved in nearly every sport's broadcast
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Good times. I remember in one of TNT's last drafts, Kenny and Charles were joking about how many foreign players there were, and Stern deadpans, "Kenny and Charles didn't speak English when they were first drafted, either..." or something like that.
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