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Mar 24, 2007
In the stink of all that news & players’ emotional status updates, I’d rather not dig for the off topic junk/treasures. & the actual Knicks thread is rather musty too so I’ll just keep a space to myself if nothing else but ofc open for contribution.

Goat Sixers jersey? Yup.
Pro ball and the streets coming together.
What a time:smokin

Next one up. Like I said his draft night, can’t wait til he gets up outta Orlando. NY is & should🤞still be a real destination spot for big names now that they have the FO in order.

Call me different but I really like Antonio Daniels & his mate on the mic in NO. His energy on the mic is infectious. I’m hype when I watch NO every time. And he was very complimentary of RJ that nite

‘Growth isn’t linear’

Basketball TAN essentially in that other space & not entirely Knicks related content. I got banned from one Knicks threads for what I believe was talking about other teams too much, maybe bring a double agent 🤷 or telling them to stop pumping they chests so hard that first year in the playoffs.
Back in the recommendations

Son probably has to take frequent trips off the bench to drain the snake.

Apparently them 2 & Bruce Brown led the league in fastbreak efficiency.

And they all play for the same team now.

This **** hurts dawg but I’m glad he’s about to flourish.
This final ~minute was around 10 minutes of real time. These games take years of your life if you live long enough.

Pat era ending just had to suck it up & he sure did for NY. What’s he up to these days?
Young Thibs & Rick riding the bench :nerd:
Shoutouts to AI at the 19 min mark too
Sacktown the best team on Cali. Murray taking a leap?


7+ft wing

He can’t shy away from them so I’m looking for a lotta Wemby posters his rookie szn

These French ballers be the corniest. You taller than everyone, the board is yours & still barely got that shot off getting off the ground.


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Apparently them 2 & Bruce Brown led the league in fastbreak efficiency.

And they all play for the same team now.

This **** hurts dawg but I’m glad he’s about to flourish.

👀 for Indy to break into that top 6 in the East and avoid a play-in scenario w/ health considerations ofc.

Hali needed his own team and now he’s got a couple of legit scorers to pass to. Another year under his belt, fat contract & a hungry PF. Dude’s gonna be looking real MVPish sooner than later.

Buddy & Myles still there too; almost forgot.


Let’s be clear Donovan is from upstate NY
Lance & Wade :lol:
Ofc Horford’s dunk was dirty on Yannis. He plays for Bos

That IS every Harden stepback
Klay’s own bench couldn’t believe that ****
Wade habitually stepping different lines
Refs were sleep for too many of these but Brodie shoulda been the one to get away if no one else:smokin
Used to hate on Rudy Gay for a min for the worst rzn imaginable. Went to college & the baddest shorty on campus that semester [imo] came in holding hands w/ a Gay doppelgänger.

17 years in the league is no small feat
3 postszns in that span is remarkable as well
Injuries got another one who coulda been more
I DO remember the first yam* clipped in this reel

B Roy was that dude & another victim:smh:
Ariza often had some bad intentions under there
Bosh’s was nasty but not the way they meant imo
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Couple of personal legends going at it

Still got the old slam poster at the old crib w/ son rocking the S. Carters :lol:
That ovation is REAL & everyone was so young :blush:

Dope w/ all the commercials intact
I didn’t catch this live tho I should’ve
Patrick Chewing :pimp:
Can question many homie about many things but 🏀 wizard is undoubted and undisputed.

Idc if he’ll never be able to be the guy. I know Bron’s legacy is incomplete w/o him.

He’s got his ring so now it’s about chasing happiness :smokin

Dallas has 2 savants on their roster. What a pity to see it go to waste.
All he does is win

Talk about elite drafting this Braun dude is a winner & legit player; so ofc he plays defense too. Just scratching the surface. Those picks in the 20s are turning out to be very good in recent drafts especially.

Denver should be ight w/o Brown w/ a bigger role for Braun.
Maybe CP3 & Steph can do some damage in spurts

Very well done but AI needs that touch

Phila got some bland *** jerseys right now and seeing those shiny blues ain’t helping none.
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