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RJ saying you fool, this isn’t even my final form

On good splits as well like the start to the szn sans that outlier w/ 4 on 9 shots.

The league can be cold but they did him rite by sending him home and in a good situation to also show more of the skill set.
9 years in college is wild. Sounds like a scammer.

Prolly won’t even watch the tape from this

UGLY despite Jalen’s greatness
Great ovation for great Knicks *homegrown* we still miss.

And most importantly, got the win!
The buzz was palpable to start.

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Getting noticed for how polished the game looks despite the up & down numbers up there. Good job NYK.

Learned how to be an alpha dawg from Dubious who learned from Kobe. Gotta take to eat & nothing is handed over.
Wouldn’t mind these 2 matching up every postszn

Was high on dude coming into the draft & been waiting too long for Kerr to come to his senses.

Best win of the szn? What a joy to sit back, rel💨x & watch

Worst loss of the year for the reigning champs too so yay
He especially took their soul early w/ the defense then was as aggressive as I’ve ever seen him on the other end.


Booker special going off & still losing

Still warring even when not facing each other

Those dirty Heats don’t deserve any shine

Great contributions all around really

Mr. Big Shot over here

& more Toppins

Audible Deuce chants on the road. Every fan locked in.

Couldn’t have gotten here w/o GS & the Mavs too so 😘

NovaKnicks made sure this wasn’t gonna be a letdown

Good all around contribution & iHart back!


8-0 personal run there too by Deuce to help save the game
the frontcourt doing the dirty work on the boards.

Bx represented well :pimp:

Nothing like that MSG energy.

Can’t forget

Did well in his minutes but still struggles to keep his man in front at times. Nice to see him getting time at the 3 as I figured he could.

Some looting at the end but he returns from injury unscathed nonetheless.

But b4 that on Sat. nite, bravo to Lebron on his continued success v the Knicks. What an effort by LA & especially Bron on both ends! Can’t really dispute the force he still is or can be. He needs more help & that’s no slight at him whatsoever.

The hype for this game + Screamin’A being Screamin’A’s pathetic self was enuff for a fully healthy Knicks team to be overwhelmed let alone the severely short handed crew.

Both teams played hard. That much you always know from a Thibs-led bunch of pro ballers.

Would never want that tyrant on my club after what he did back in his prime. Too much smoke dodging on the resume for my liking as well if he was srs but I doubt it.
Keep that organizational strangler in LA 🙏. That said, I hope he plays as long as he can cuz I’m gonna cry when the time comes.

Congrats on the win & long live Darvin Ham’s reign as HC there.
Shoulda been there

Playing w/ your meat 🐾
D🥀 there & playing all the more rzn I wish I made it out that nite

Sloppy and almost coughed up but thank u DiVo

All things considered, another Deuce McBride career hi was enuff of a win in my book.

Friday nite W

Saturday nite Ls
Cavs took control early & never let up :smh:

Outside of TJ the Knick killer, the squad was getting out-hustled and outmuscled. Need the bigs to come back soon.

Bogi got lead in his kicks so idk how much time he sees when everyone is back. AB & Deuce needs to be a thing 🐾

He knew.
Still on the L train
Scottie not a bum but he ain’t him

Admitting wrong won’t do anything in a dogfight for home court down the stretch where every win matters. Refs ruined another statement win from an undermanned team that never quits.

The only resolution is granting the ot at Knicks’ earliest convenience.
But my goodness 10 block trip dub 👏
Nobody really shot well from outside but compete they did.

RJ being the throw-in for da Raps is more laffable by the game.

Interesting decision at the end after disappearing most of the half tho I love the trust that’s building.

An overall stinker but credit to The Magic for handling business avoiding the letdown before ASB.

Should be suiting up in that orange & blue |l
Offensive game nearly flawless already is crazy.

Come to think dude would still be at home in Orlando w/ all the old Knicks fans taking over the building.

When he leaves I pray 🙏 it’s not to LA.

Knicks great Othella Harrington on the coaching bench now iirc :pimp:

The craft & touch were untouchable for the afternoon. Remember it not quite like yesterday but I do recall the feeling!

AS 2001 shenanigans for H2O

Sharpshooter coulda won the 3 point contest but obv chilling and enjoying the moment. Could watch that jumper all day. That’s the form you look at when trying to figure a jumper; beautiful and accurate.

Ray did his thing no doubt.
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