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finally fitna watch from start to finish 2mor
*really done w/ the 90s*
1992 AS jerseys still the best ever. The game has def evolved but these old heads would’ve done just fine today w/ today’s game update.
Reggie Miller’s sister is better than him at everything
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More on the storied Bill Russell a bit later but for now

Bullets kits so 🔥 & that arch in NEW YORK

Same story 50 years later w/ the building takeover. The Rolls Royce backcourt wreaking havoc. No EZ buckets is a real relic.

Mite have to break out the Foamdomes for next szn @ Capital1.

Monica back 🥰

Pidto said it all while all alone 😷 in the studio it seemed. Defense [especially poa], rebounding & timely shot making got it done after losing the big lead.

& Up North

Quick ran the team well & had the shot going too. Back to the tank tho when facing some real srs opps.

Still figuring out how to play w/ each other 🐾 so this final run should look a little more fluid.
Nets L is always appreciated.
Burks looking useless in his return thus far. Kinda sick atm for pushing for this reunion but still undermanned so usage will go down. Maybe even situational.

C’s aren’t even fun to watch but undoubtedly the most complete squad when healthy. ECF matchup would be litty! MitchRob an’em got something to say if that manifests.

Deuce was under the weather but still played 💪🏾. Kinda wild it’s just him & Blockness left from the bunch.

But on Friday nite
a win up north w/ the L to Dejounte and the Hawks.

Probably for the best to sit yalls best 4 the tank but I’m liking the growth from Quick.
In many ways, the young core was doomed from the start having the city emblazoned across their rookie jerseys.

No greater and deluded expectations to live up to than in the place deemed The Mecca of Basketball.

No patience or 👀 for development from a large fanbase but credit to the org & Thibs.

That Ausbie skit looking crazy in these days but they were just parodying a crazy reality.
Had to be peak or near it for the Trotters around here. Howard Cosell on the mic. The gym small but no standing room packed. The fan engagement is really what makes the show.

Some of those weaves and passes looking like exaggerated Denver/Joker specials of today.
Never seen the guys live but coming out of hibernation now & it’s another thing to do ✔️
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B2B part 2
Down an entire rotation whatever 🚮
part 1

Indy not srs

Trap game of the year ALMOST

QG looks like he has a real opportunity to help revive that club as a potential starter next to Cade but they’ve got talent and comp there.

My guy was out there hooping in the 4th & damn near had himself a sweet game winner at the end too. He’ll be iight over there if given time and opportunity.
So many familiar faces in strange places :smh:|l>D
H2O still around :smokin

There was a game last night…
The NY alum played well but Luka showed up & showed out for his bday.

Tank going 💪 tho.

Basketball savant, that Doncic guy is. And my guy AI kinda got to it but I’ll take it further by saying his game & aura better fits a grander stage than Dallas. If not careful, could just end up being in Dirk’s shadow w/ 1 or none of them rings.

It’s cool & all but it ain’t like MSG when it’s live and litty. Win that 1 in NY & he’s a walking gawd who can do no wrong.
They already took that club’s heart and real leader too.
Steph ran thru & crushed some buildings.

Quick had a ruff go but the loss of Scottie B is the story 🙏

+ nite b4

Dead legs from the start had them boys fighting uphill. More Deuce mins just about the only silver lining from here.

Once again key, or even THE key, to keeping things close to the end. Honestly shoulda shot more & should continue to shoot more.

Sick lay after taking CPO’s ankles
Love the fight but this story tired as hell.

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All my sons flourishing at the same time, I mit’ve teared up 🤫
Evan Mobley, have a seat…

So nice, we’ll show it thrice!

Really a stand out game from a rather tumultuous part of the szn. Bad vibes were in the air starting w/ that clown Screamin A Smith. Switched to MSG after the the scary fall from JB. :sick::smh: feel sick for even entertaining that crew and broadcast.

But Hart, DiVo, Achiuhuaha, Bodega man and everyone expect AB largely played vital roles here. Sims was huge 🐾

Deuce played 47 mins and 13 seconds as well while chasing down Garland all nite. Then having well rested backups try & show out too lol. The comp never ended for my guy.

🙏 up 4 JB, the key to this whole thing.
More good vibes despite Shaq’s haterade to start

B4 another bad nite

In tandem no less

more Deuce mins is all I been asking but not like this lol

The athleticism and defensive tenacity are all NBA first team despite standing just 6’2. He’s got the best mentor someone of his build could ever hope for in JB.
My yute shining thru the Ls up North

Next nite szn low for the Disney boys as BrunsHIM returns

Paulo the truth tho
Look at God…

Holds opps to szn low 74 in the game prior to scoring 73 in this L.

nite b4 that snoozer

Immanuel Jaylen Quickley 😤

NY was mostly frustrating cuz they really beat themselves w/ poor shot selection on even poorer splits. I like this Tdot squad. Could use some wing depth in the form of more 3&D specialists.
Out hooping at the Rucker…the OG effect is real

Losers still wannan nitpick to get rid of this smiling face :smh:

Couple nites w/ some alumni

Loving the freedom to stretch and test game in such a not so win-now world where they can only play up current strengths for the team’s success.

Both need a little deeper dribble package & as much as I like RJ at the 2, a backcourt between those guard wings, I don’t see being successful in the long run. Quick needs more consistency still to be the guy running the show. Understandable.

OG was def worth it if he’s available when needed most. Game changer.

RJ gotta be going thru it. Just awful stuff 😔. The family seemed close & I’m sure lil bro was destined for great things. Gone too soon.

Not a first option they said

B2B 40 point niters added to NYK history

Really fun game that definitely restored the feeling.

This is the Sabonis who abuses Anthony Davis on the reg?

Lucky Julius wasn’ t around or son could’ve been in the kitchen w/ shoes off before the end of the game.

Only fun ofc cuz the good guys won.

bit of a struggle w/ the shot again

If that’s not going, he’s gotta find a way to be even more impactful cuz he still wants that bag.

Glad Deuce was under the radar cuz it’s looking like he too could start for a handful of squads.
Monica 🥰🥰🥰

Cheesing the whole time watching my yute exceed the haters’ expectations. However many games are left ain’t enuff for some MIP nods but keep balling and holding down that 6th man spot…. then 2025 is for the taking as far as league-wide props go.

And more Deuce tape since being unleashed

Middy been the bread & butter.
Very pretty swishes w/ that hi arch.
Gonna be outthinking the opps too soon enuff.
Keep shooting shooter.

Feel bad for him given the contract he signed relative to peers. Shoulda had a player option but I digress. Definitely gotta find better representation or have a case under the table at least cuz that contract is goofy.


Really fun boro rivalry game on a waterlogged Saturday matinee. Nets were pesky AF w/ some buzzer beaters but thankfully the good guys won. DiVo’s inferno & Deuce were just enuff w/ Brunson having an off day.

That hi arch on those makes be splashing like WATER

Get outta there yet another fav Clydism.

Game b4 v the champs who were out for revenge from a previous spanking as acknowledged by MPJ hisself

Tired legs in thin air but Monica refreshing as per usual.

And a close one to the end at the end of a successful road trip going 3-1. Not much to take away other than both teams played hard. A finals matchup w/ all players ready for action would be some awesome stuff to watch just for the sake of sport itself. Melo gonna have to choose sides.

Deuce is single-handedly making the case for better mins distribution at full strength. MitchRob needs to be eased back into the fold. And the starters are rolling w/ iHart rite now. Hart needs minutes to be effective but really could use a breather. A little worried about OG’s durability but🤞when needed most he’s there.
On the topic of iHart, he was sold as a stretch big who hustled and not much more. He’d really be Jokic of the East if he could hit at least one of them long range jawns but that’s not in his game apparently.

No sleight whatsoever for the brotha. He’s improved outside of that and has proved himself to be key to their success. He’s a really hi iq player so can’t have enuff off those. He gives his all to the club on the defense so I think coach likes him.

The record shows this team doesn’t play w/ their meat like other ‘more talented’ clubs. Job done & records getting set. This dogfight is headed into the final leg and some of the Knickerbockers are playing their best ball while others are getting healthier by the day.

The ceiling is the roof!


NY2 kinda aligning to restore that winning feeling

That 3 point record was his but such a benevolent guy ofc he let DiVo have the spotlight a bit longer.
The RYCC has been thru a lot of late & really more than just the game 🙏 Good seeing them on the sidelines tho and see no love lost.

That said, MitchRob & those tight lipped Knicks surprised us all w/ the sudden news + return. The bday twin comes back heavy af again but strong & mean nonetheless in limited action. We almost 4get he was carrying that defense to start the year & ofc led the league in orebs per.

Almost back but I dig the vibes.
Need a update to that old *** bop.
Long *** weekend almost over. Gr8 game even tho the good guys lost. Not much to say or remember. Suited & zooted w/ our shirts all the way off all nite.

Refs weren’t as bad on this occasion. Even still, hit the free throws that they did call and win the game. My live team w-l record would have them eliminated in a series so I may hold off on the playoffs if they even get healthy :rolleyes


An OT thriller that has all the drama and heroics. Couldn’t have been scripted any better from the players. The refs were a completely different story but imma chill cuz these things usually balance themselves out & hopefully in the ‘offs.

4 point loss despite playing 5v8 and seeing tired legs being a half step slow is nothing to pout about. They just beat KD and the Suns too so finding their footing now. Dubious calls all nite by those refs but JB, The Maestro, put the team on his back in an incredible effort.

MitchRob pls be ok. Refs STILL need be investigated.
Juju 🙏 [more on the big fella l8r] & losing streaks feel batman but the yutes flourishing as starters gives me solace.

This 24 point effort brings the average to around 21 as a starter iirc. Some laughed when he said future starting pg. He’d be next for goat defender if he had Cam Reddish’s height.

RJ back like he never left getting an easy & efficient 28 in 26 minutes of action. Minutes restrictions to preserve the tank. I’m guessing he was just happy to be out there hooping.

Happy to see both back after their personal losses. Interested to see what kind of market there may be for Quick. Had him pegged as a 6th man early but he improved and bet on himself as any player should in his position.
That was supposed to be the backcourt of tomorrow [Deuce & RJ]. NYC ain’t got time for development & they eat their young along w/ the worst of the prime time markets & Philly. Deuce was stashed and developed perfectly for the moment now.

SGA not hitting that shot to win the game the other nite if Deuce was a lotta bit taller. Even so, the improvement on both ends will only continue for him. Haven’t seen some back to the basket postgame yet but matchups gotta align too.

He’d be elite w/ some JB footwork and feel for the game. Some of that can be taught so he’s in a good spot atm.

Knicks fans still being obtuse about RJ’s performance and growth is hilariously pathetic. We saw it early in the szn and he’s been thee most consistent star Raptor when on the court. Broadway Barrett never left…just relocated.

B2B split w/ a handful of games left. Just need to get everyone who’s healthy back in rhythm & avoid the play-in. Hart looked Bruce Bowen in the stills on his kick so ain’t eem upset at the ejection.

Gotta thank those listless Cavs and those flailing Bucks for keeping hope alive.
The boys showed out to further disrupt the tank. Bully Barrett & IQ handling the rock for his best game in a min 💪

Again, gotta thank those flailing Bucks…

Just another day at the office + contributions up & down the roster. A wise man once said attitude reflect leadership, captain and here we have two clubs that embody that sentiment seated in two greatly different directions.

Doc has always been a scammer who folds when **** gets thick. He’s more motivational speaker than tactician and he’s failing on that end in spectacular fashion w/ this bunch of scrubs. Meanwhile Thibs’ one purpose in life is winning basketball games and nothing matters more. This job this szn cannot be glossed over; managing injury after injury & getting the most of what’s left to work w/.

Doc’s sole champ ring came w/ the assist of Thib’s vaunted defensive schemes so there’s that nugget too.
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