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See her winning & grinning over @ESPN. Well deserved for this shining star. Let me be the tour guide-4-life & she’ll never be lost 💗. Style & grace 💗. Knows her 🏀 💗.

This Rook worth the Queen 🤔
Final Four 😤

So much can be said about this 2023-24 run at the world’s most famous arena. JB took the big stage last year and did his thing w/ a lesser squad in tow. It was only a few seconds and an errant play on his part from a possible game 7 against those dirty dirty Heats. He heard the doubters, naysayers, etc and kept his head low 🐾 while shutting them up nite after nite. Looked like he took it personally cuz he just kept getting better as the year went along. That finish to the szn up there there combined w/ the multitude of obstacles that have plagued the good guys all year, Shaq for once said it best that it hasn’t been since AI had a dude his stature be the unquestioned 1A of a championship contender. The styles are so distant that you’d likely never make the comp but there they are. We can play the if game all day amongst all 30 clubs [minus Detroit] but say 3/5 of the starting front line isn’t missing a good chunk of the year, that 50 makes a run for 60 wins. Even still in 2nd at six-zero on the nose, the media should do the rest making his case for league MVP honors. Speaking of said front line, the Knickerbockers are rolling into the ‘offs having OG and the 2 Harts backing up their MVP + DiVo. Chemistry all over the place. The NovaKnicks can spot the other before the other knows he’s even open. iHart has superb passing abilities amongst bigs. He’s really Jokic of the East if he was a threat from 3. Props to him as well for the strides defensively he’s made. Always brought the hustle but was out of control thus foul prone. Definitely got in that Thibs lab of big man defensive mechanics cuz now his hustle there is yuuge. He ignites so much of the offense too. OG the golden goose that came at gr8 cost or nothing at all depending who you ask. Heavy was the tax methinks but there was so much talent left that it was fair. My guy looks to be getting stronger game by game but he must be protected from harm. A defense unto himself, Thibs can throw him at almost anyone. He fits so seamlessly cuz he doesn’t need the rock in his hands to be efficient in his offense. Back to them ‘NovaKnicks, the super-sub Josh Hart has done what it takes to win ala a certain nutcase in GS who shoots w/ this 🎒 form. Thankfully he doesn’t have to take the biggest challenge on the defense so he can push the pace on the other end. His activity and rebounding is also yuuge. While he’s no 2x all star bully, Hart is the best rebounding guard and he gives his all on every play. His intangibles mitigates the Juju loss in some areas while everyone else has stepped up as well. Only his shooting is why he’s truly a bench piece. Shooting brings us to the last of the ‘Nova bros. DiVo sets the team record for 3s in a szn & a single game! Poetically he breaks the record for the year vs the previous title holder. The defense was stout like I’d never seen from ol’ boy. Unlike the Frenchman, DiVo is no liability and won’t give up just as many of them against the opps. Dude’s got great instincts for deflections. Back to the shooting tho, when he gets hot he’s got the ultimate green light. The besties are gonna find him. iHart is gonna find him. And, the last of the yutes around, Deuce McBride will find him. Finally he has been set loose. He never shortchanges the team in his minutes; energy energy energy [especially for defense] is what he always gives. It’s incredibly infectious when the poa defender is putting the clamps on the opps. Shot been wetty too but needed rhythm and consistency. Actually one of the most aesthetically pleasing hi arching shots around. The middy they said is his comfort zone while shooting 41% from downtown lol. Listed the same height as JB but he’s the superior athalete while JB is The Maestro of technique. Deuce goes 1st round in that deep ‘21 draft if he’s a little bit taller. He takes care of the ball and is really a throwback pass first guard like the guards of yesteryear. Deuce presses the backcourt for the opps while MitchRob manhandles most frontlines. Blockness looks to be running off some home cooking. Another one who needs to be protected at all costs. The combo of Deuce, OG and the big man must give Thibs a chub when he’s putting scenarios together. Rebounds are one of the keys to their success so MitchRob’s presence could be the difference in a series or two. The last spot on this 8 man rotation goes to Bodega44. Things looked shaky to start but he’s settled in as it looks. They been hiding homie well w/ the bench and others protecting him on the defensive side of the ball. If he don’t have it going, Achuihauha will have his chance to contribute. And tho he’s on the outside looking in, Burks is gonna be the pressure relief valve or victory cigar for ur backcourt. My guy been cheeks this time around so he’s parked right where he needs to be on the bench. Remembering who the coach is and you got a group of prime time players ready to go for it all right now. The team has adopted his identity. They’ve adopted his tenacity. The players revere him and are even starting to speak like him. He’s brought the Knicks back to their own identity for that matter. The roster has been created in his image w/ a 2024 stylistic update. This is a very good coach and has always been [speaking to the 🔥 Thibs brigade]. The loud ill-informed Knicks fan stuck on a dying hill are gonna cry at every supposed gaff but they can’t argue w/ numbers of a winning coach. There was cries for a developmental coach in a town that eats their young and doesn’t have a clue what that development even looks like. Beyond that tho, unlike the couple winning years over the last couple decades the Knicks aren’t haphazardly pieced together using bandaids and grizzled vets for an unsustainable run. At, entering, or not even touching their prime are these Knickerbockers. Leon & co. have created a longterm sustainable winning environment in very short order. A couple missteps along the way for the new show runner but when everyone is on the same page, good things happen and they ended up where they stand today amongst the best. The terrific job they’ve done in the FO can’t be overlooked.
And we’ve only just begun.

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