NBA on CANADA TV schedule?

Jul 23, 2004
NBA.Com used to have a very useful site that shows what games were going to be on which channel.

And now on the National TV in the schedule part, it only shows the US channels that the games are going to be on.

Does anybody have anywhere else where I can get a schedule of up coming games and the channels?

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I have no idea... it really sucks that the only Canadian television schedule up on is for Raptors games. I could probably do a weekly schedule for those who would be interested. Here's the next couple days...

7:00 PM (ET) - Orlando Magic @ Toronto Raptors - The Score
10:30 PM - New Orleans Hornets @ Portland Trailblazers - RaptorsTV

8:00 PM - Detroit Pistons @ Chicago Bulls - The Score
10:30 PM - Dallas Mavericks @ Golden State Warriors - RaptorsTV
Yeah I used to check the national Canadian schedule everyday and now it's down for some reason. :\
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im gettin real upset with the lack of a schedule for the year as well........
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