NBA Practice jerseys - where to get em?

Joined Aug 8, 2008
Does anyone know where to get those Adidas NBA practice jerseys?

Ones like this with the whiteout shoulders - been looking on ebay/nba store but cant seem to find them anywhere...

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Joined Aug 8, 2008
Theres prob some NBA policy on selling these - some guys prob tried to impersonate nba players to gain access to practice sessions.


formerly drizzyd
Joined Jun 1, 2009
They're probably player issued, but not because of impersonators :lol:

I'd assume they're made out good material and the NBA wouldn't profit nor have a big enough market to produce and sell them.

I remember back in the day Marshalls used to have the Laker practice jersey around my way, I wish I would've copped :smh: ... But with that being said, who knows maybe they still do make them but you would think if they did that they would be on the official NBA Store website


Joined Oct 31, 2009
When the NBA was sponsored by Reebok, we used to see practice jerseys pop up at TJ Maxx or Marshalls daily. I still have a Sacramento Kings long sleeved one from almost a decade ago. Great quality. Im still looking for a Suns adidas one though
Joined Aug 8, 2008
yep Ive seen them before but usually its XXXXXXXL sizes only, Im not into wearing a dress playing ball no matter how good the quality.

The state of some of those jerseys they selling on nba store youd get better quality in a chinatown market !
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