NBA sets dates, times for upcoming Conference Finals

Apr 7, 2002
[h1]NBA sets dates, times for upcoming Conference Finals[/h1]
Posted May 15 2009 5:57PM

Here is the schedule for the 2009 NBA Conference Finals:
[table][tr][td]Western Conference Finals -- L.A. Lakers vs. Denver OR Denver vs. Houston[/td] [/tr][tr][td] [table][tr][td]Game[/td] [td]Date[/td] [td]Teams[/td] [td]Local[/td] [td]EDT[/td] [/tr][tr][td]Game 1[/td] [td]Tue May 19[/td] [td]Den at Lakers/OR/Hou at Den[/td] [td]TBD[/td] [td]9:00PM (ESPN/R)[/td] [/tr][tr][td]Game 2[/td] [td]Thu May 21[/td] [td]Den at Lakers/OR/Hou at Den[/td] [td]TBD[/td] [td]9:00PM (ESPN/R)[/td] [/tr][tr][td]Game 3[/td] [td]Sat May 23[/td] [td]Lakers at Den/OR/Den at Hou[/td] [td]TBD[/td] [td]8:30PM (ABC/R)[/td] [/tr][tr][td]Game 4[/td] [td]Mon May 25[/td] [td]Lakers at Den/OR/Den at Hou[/td] [td]TBD[/td] [td]9:00PM (ESPN/R)[/td] [/tr][tr][td]Game 5 *[/td] [td]Wed May 27[/td] [td]Den at Lakers/OR/Hou at Den[/td] [td]TBD[/td] [td]9:00PM (ESPN/R)[/td] [/tr][tr][td]Game 6 *[/td] [td]Fri May 29[/td] [td]Lakers at Den/OR/Den at Hou[/td] [td]TBD[/td] [td]9:00PM (ESPN/R)[/td] [/tr][tr][td]Game 7 *[/td] [td]Sun May 31[/td] [td]Den at Lakers/OR/Hou at Den[/td] [td]TBD[/td] [td]8:30PM (ABC/R)[/td] [/tr][/table][/td] [/tr][tr][td]*If necessary R - ESPN Radio[/td] [/tr][/table][table][tr][td]Eastern Conference -- Cleveland vs. Boston OR Orlando[/td] [/tr][tr][td] [table][tr][td]Game[/td] [td]Date[/td] [td]Teams[/td] [td]Local[/td] [td]EDT[/td] [/tr][tr][td]Game 1[/td] [td]Wed May 20[/td] [td]Bos/OR/Orl at Cleveland[/td] [td]8:30PM[/td] [td]8:30PM (TNT/R)[/td] [/tr][tr][td]Game 2[/td] [td]Fri May 22[/td] [td]Bos/OR/Orl at Cleveland[/td] [td]8:30PM[/td] [td]8:30PM (TNT/R)[/td] [/tr][tr][td]Game 3[/td] [td]Sun May 24[/td] [td]Cleveland at Bos/OR/Orl[/td] [td]8:30PM[/td] [td]8:30PM (TNT/R)[/td] [/tr][tr][td]Game 4[/td] [td]Tue May 26[/td] [td]Cleveland at Bos/OR/Orl[/td] [td]8:30PM[/td] [td]8:30PM (TNT/R)[/td] [/tr][tr][td]Game 5 *[/td] [td]Thu May 28[/td] [td]Bos/OR/Orl at Cleveland[/td] [td]8:30PM[/td] [td]8:30PM (TNT/R)[/td] [/tr][tr][td]Game 6 *[/td] [td]Sat May 30[/td] [td]Cleveland at Bos/OR/Orl[/td] [td]8:30PM[/td] [td]8:30PM (TNT/R)[/td] [/tr][tr][td]Game 7 *[/td] [td]Mon June 1[/td] [td]Bos/OR/Orl at Cleveland[/td] [td]8:30PM[/td] [td]8:30PM (TNT/R)[/td] [/tr][/table][/td] [/tr][tr][td]*If necessary R - ESPN Radio[/td] [/tr][/table]
was looking for this
[table][tr][td]Game 3[/td] [td]Sun May 24[/td] [td]Cleveland at Bos/OR/Orl[/td] [td]8:30PM[/td] [td]8:30PM (TNT/R)[/td] [/tr][/table]

No work the next day...I'm in there
funny the 2 teams in the finals last year are hanging on for their playoff lives with game 7's

fans of both teams are gonna be on pins&needles on Sunday
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