NBA Store Inquiry

Joined Jul 8, 2006
I was thinking back and couldnt really come up with a definite answer to my question:

What type of account(s), if any, does the NBA Store have when it comes to their sneaker selection? :D
Joined Sep 26, 2002
I was there last week. They have the penny 1's in the orlando colorway. I saw the player forces, barkleys (red patent), air max tempos 2's, fire reds, harbor blues, white forces, and tons of adidas kicks with the team colors. They also had some jb kicks but nothing worth getting.
Joined Jun 14, 2006
i dont think they have an account really... i mean last time i was there they still had some burgs and olives left over, just a bunch of random stuff, the team adidas superstars, tmacs, penny 1s, penny 4s, just a bunch of random stuff
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