NBC's Community Thread - 6/2 - Ep. 13: "Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television"

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I though tit was better than it was funny.

really nice idea, they just...didn't exactly live up to it?

this whole cast can act really well though...they sell the craziest things
Troy's confession was comedy though.
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It was one of the funnier episodes of the show, Troy's confession was hilarious "I don't get Inception, there were so many layers"
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Great episode. Maybe not a dozen laughs a minute but a strong episode for Abed and Annie's development.
The Dean's outfit going way too far
Troy not getting Inception "There's so many layers" and his other confessions. Alison Brie's English accent
(which she uses in the new movie Five Year Engagement).

Annie's speech to Abed at the end about simulations just being anxieties that everyone shares was my favorite moment. 
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Also, the cast did a great job of pretending to be Abed pretending to be each character.. I thought that was impressive.

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Can he even learn it?

I think recognizing the need to learn and wanting to change is a big enough step for Abed right now. I don't know if he can actually follow through with it.
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i thought i was the only one

i don't think he learned empathy
i think he just found a way to control ppl through empathy
he's smarter now...
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Man, loved this episode. Everything about it. The past two have really been heartwarming. I tried explaining to my friend that recently the show has not even been on some laugh out loud type stuff anymore... it's more just highly enjoyable for me and it's one of the best 30 minutes I have to myself every week. Once you've found yourself invested in these characters, you really feel for them. As one NY Times writer said, you never know what to expect from a Community episode on a weekly basis, but one thing you can count on is the characters to be themselves... and I love that.
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This show is amazing. Love everything about it.

The acting was great this episode. The show is so smart and deep. It's less slapstick comedy and more mind-bending, thoughtful with some comedy there as the glue. Shame the ratings are so low.
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^^ Man they stay throwing back to older episodes. I knew that 3hour lunch and the cadence he used reminded me of something
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That three hour lunch joke is small but was really funny to me. Whenever I would get a small break in my cramming/procrastination, I would always waste it on something stupid like a three hour lunch
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Maybe it was cause I watched the episode drunk at 3 am but at the end of it I felt the same way I did after I saw the "Do it for her" episode of the Simpsons. So, naturally, I loved the episode.
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That's a great Simpsons episode, so I consider that high praise for Community.
Felt like watching some random episodes of season 1 or 2 and I remembered one of my favorite Troy moments. I laughed so loud my roommate on the opposite side of the house had to come see what was so funny when I first saw this.
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Originally Posted by escobarmeth

Maybe it was cause I watched the episode drunk at 3 am but at the end of it I felt the same way I did after I saw the "Do it for her" episode of the Simpsons. So, naturally, I loved the episode.

that simpsons ep touched me way more than the community episode. community def has some very warm touching moments though.

kind of a shame that new simpsons has no heart. Homer doesnt care at all about maggie in the newer seasons

i have noticed that community fans seem to love the simpsons, Arrested Development, and to a lesser extent better off Ted (mad underrated)

i tried putting people on this show and for whatever reason they just dont go for it. 

the writers seem to have finally given up on getting a new audience and straight said @#!* it with the last 2 episodes 
 I mean if you just turned it on randomly and saw a ken burns documentry on a pillow fight and a study on a guy with aspergers in an imagination room. you probably are like what the @#!*?

there are alot of people out there that seem to think Abed is this evil manipulator
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Just when I thought the laughs were done for the episode, Pierce comes in with the line of the night

'Sounds like it’s been a game-changing day for all of us. I almost sat on my balls, but at the last second…I made an adjustment.'
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Hated this episode. Maybe because I watched it during a work shift I was covering for

someone else and I was pissed off or something.
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