NCAA 2010 Cover Athlete

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ps2 still gets made?? i know they have a following but those guys need to realize EA sports is ripping them off. lol


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Like I give a damn about the cover. Crabby is fine with me though. Copped at midnight on the release date regardless.
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Originally Posted by GULLYDAGREAT

Originally Posted by Nako XL

Brian Johnson? really? Really???
i said the same thing .. plenty of other dudes deserved that cover before him
it's debatable.

it's just sort of like jared zabransky getting the cover a couple years back.

the underdog non-BCS team who stuns a prominent BCS team in a BCS bowl and the QB gets rewarded for it.

as long as what's inside the game case is good, then i'm good.

and so far the game is looking like it'll be.. uh.. good.
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