nebody attend the funk flex car show/sneaker battle??

Joined Aug 13, 2005
Just wondering if ne niketalkers showed up to the show? Hopefully this is the right forum..for those who attended did u like or dislike the show?
Joined May 25, 2005
I went, got there early and left early. It was a zoo when I left (4pm).Didnt see any major artist or anything. The females there were so-so. Took some pics of a few cars and some sneaker tables. Some some crazy sneakers(45 X pe's, 45 space jams, 2 handed dunkman 2's, playstation 3 airmax's)
Joined May 2, 2007
FMF was serious, mad sneaker displays, fire whips, very enjoyable.
I'm the Best, hands down. Like 6:30
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