Need a new AnitVirus......

Feb 22, 2005
OK NT i call upon yours guys help again .... my laptops free subscription is about to run out, but before it does and all hell breaks loose on my computer, arethere any good anitvirus replacement for free out there????
Mac is the ultimate antivirus
but i heard AVG is good.
just pay for one, imo the piece of mind is worth it. Kaspersky or NOD32.
Free: Avast or AVG

Pay: Bullguard or Kaspersky

Alternative methods*: NOD 32


Spoiler [+]
* don't ask me for !%##!
anything else that could back up these anti viruses like scanners or something?
Thanks guys for the responses but where would be a safe place to download NOD32 for free?
AVG is good because it is the good at catching viruses but also very easy on your system.
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