Need a new shoe... Love the Ultraflight/Ultraposite...

Jul 17, 2007
Hey guys... Long story short, I am in need of new b-ball shoes.

My current shoes are the Ultraflight and Ultraposite and I love them both. Last time I did this, I spent a lot of time on Kicksology and ultimately came to own these two great pairs of shoes. I would like some help finding a VERY similar shoe that is easily found in a size 12, 12.5 or 13.

So... What'll it be?
Lebron iv's are great, although ive never had ultra's, i think these are the greatest ones out rite now, but if you like the ultra's then grab another pair from ebay. IMO
theres actually quite a few pairs u should try, if u want to replace the Ultraposites, then get the Lebron IVs.
for the Ultraflights, u can probably get on the new Kobe IIs whether it be the Strength or Ultimate, or the new Lebron Soldiers that just came out and theres also the Zoom BB thats also coming out (which is suppose to be a shoe that if u liked the Ultraflights u'll like these), they're coming out in both mid and lows too
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