Need Advice on an Upgrade for a Phone.

Joined Oct 7, 2008
so i'm eligible for upgrade for at&t on may 27th and i have been having a hard time deciding on what to get. I could go for the Blackberry Curve 8700 right now like as of now, or just wait for the iPhone 4g/Pro/Lux whatever the name is this summer and im not sure even if its releasing or a rumor. any input on this?
Joined Apr 5, 2007
real talk bro if u in the San Jose area, help a NT'er with some commission and keeping they job
by coming through to my store
pm me
and as a phone sales man id say drop at and t, they service sucks for the bay imo, but my store offers all networks
Joined Dec 23, 2009
I say wait for the new iPhone (which I'm 90% sure is dropping this summer (most likely late summer)) and then jailbreak it. Unless if Apple straight up denies it's coming out this year, then get a Blackberry or Samsung.
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