need an answer help!!! seattle only.

Dec 5, 2006
sorry if i post in the wrong forum. but does anyone know where to get some cheap sb's and jay's. cuz my cousin got all his sb's and dunks for less than 100 and they're legit too.
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first you said sb's and jays. but then you said sbs and dunks. jays are never for under100 unless you got an connect with an employee of some sort. and second noobs need to hit up the skate shop around dt
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Most SBs and Dunks you could get under 100, but you wouldnt find Jordans at that price. Stores like Goods in downtown carry SBs if you wanna check that place out.
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sneaker city tends to sell some dunks for cheap, but no sbs for cheap except goods, capitol, and eqpt.
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