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Dec 5, 2006
for people who live in seattle or washington,only. i've heard that some where in niketown near pikeplace market theres a store that sells all kinds of dunks that cost less than 100. and i cant find it anywhere. does anyone know where at?? and i know i already posted up before.
sneaker city i think is wat ur talking about. their dunk selection is ok not really a lot.

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the stuff they have is equivalent to niketown honestly..
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It's east of Niketown (opposite direction of Pike Place). On Pike St. head east of Niketown. Cross over the I-5 overpass and it'll be on the left. It's in between Capitol 1524 and Niketown.

IMO, Goods is the best store in downtown. There's two sides to Goods an urban and a skate. You'll see how it works once you find it. Find it, you'll be glad you did.

As far as prices of Dunks. They're relative to all the other stores. Don't expect to find screamin' deals or anything.
yea goods isn't that great on price either...although they're better than capitol imho.

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you might check out urban outfitters too, which is close to niketown and sometimes has dunks at a steal.
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they havent been having any dunks lately. just vans and chucks and some funky addidas
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my friend was walking down by pike place area and walked into random store and found out that the owner of this shop (idont know what kind of shop it was) but was his dads friend. the owner owed his dad money so he gave him some Dunk inspired 4s that he supossedly got them by accident. maybe they carry shoes i dont know
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aye my homie boys cousine owns EQPT..havent been in there yet...heard quite expensive but they may have alot of dunks
Ignore that ^.

Unless it just happened, EQPT doesnt even have a Nike account yet.

So if youre buying dunks there, theyre on consignment, and not gonna be under a bill.
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